Air travel. Where to take your family vacation this summer

Cheap all inclusive honeymoon packages with airfare. Hot winter vacations : where to go.

Do not put valuables and laptops in the baggage, most airlines will not compensate you for their cost

The aircraft is the fastest means of transportation to get in a short time from one point on Earth to another. Transfer to the airport in advance so as not to be late for registration. It is recommended to get rid of irrelevant marks and stickers on the suitcase that confuse conveyor belt operators - as a result, your luggage may fly in the wrong direction.

For international flights in advance, you should familiarize yourself with the customs rules for importing goods. It is not easy to spend several hours in the same position: the body becomes numb, and blood accumulates in the lower extremities and does not reach the top of the body. Try at least once an hour to get out of the chair, and also do a little warm-up right in the chair.

Choose the correct time to register. Many airlines start registration for the day, or even two, before departure. And the sooner you go through this procedure, the more likely it is to grab the most convenient place. Choosing a place near the window, you kill several birds with one stone: first, you can lean on the wall to take a nap, and second, the neighbors will not bother you to get out. And of course, you will be provided with a wonderful view. Plan the least number of transfers. Do not expect from the economy class culinary delights.

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Air travel
Are you staying true to one airline? Most likely, you will be offered the best places. When you arrive at the registration, present a card of a regular customer of the airline and in most cases, you will be met. Be courteous with the staff. The fate of your flight is held in the hands of airline employees, so they can give you a better place. The advice is simple: be kind to people, and they will be good to you.

At major airports, there are usually hotels right in the border area. You can fly without baggage, and put all things in hand luggage, if the airline allows

Make and take with you copies of your documents. As for the seats inside the aircraft, there is a simple law: the closer you are to your head, the less you will shake in turbulence. Turbulence is the oscillation of the aircraft caused by the vortex of the wind, descending and outgoing. It's not scary. If you are afraid of heights, choose a place near the aisle. If you are afraid of turbulence, do not choose a place in the tail of the aircraft, as shaking there is more noticeable. If you fly to a resort, then most likely you will begin to descend directly above the blue of the waters. Panic in this case is unnecessary, the airports of the resorts are really located right on the shore.

The history of air travel dates back to 1903, when the world-famous Wright brothers made their first flight on a self-designed Wright Flyer aircraft. The flight duration was only 12 seconds, during which a distance of 36.5 meters was covered. The opportunity to carry out passenger air transportation appeared after Glen Curtis founded the first airport and the first airline. This happened in France in 1907. At the moment, there are airports in almost all major cities of our planet, and you can buy tickets online.

Today, private flights are the transportation of passengers in a comfortable atmosphere at a convenient time for them or the transportation of valuable cargo by air. Nowadays, this method of moving has long ceased to be a luxury. On the contrary, private flights are becoming increasingly customer-oriented. Thus, a business person does not need to adjust his schedule to the flight schedule, and now almost every tourist can afford to fly to anywhere in the world.

The development of aviation craft is so rapid that many private companies simply do not have time for progress. In order to be able to keep your business "afloat", the company management must be aware of all the new products, as well as constantly develop and improve their business. Indeed, as the rich experience in this field shows, even professionals are not always able to manage the airline in the current volatile conditions.

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