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A tour to Algeria is a trip to North Africa and the lands of the Mediterranean basin

The sands of the Sahara are mostly spread here. The country is bordered by six other states: Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. The major cities of Algeria include Annaba, Oran, Constantine and others. But the largest is the capital of the country - Algeria. If Africa has a gateway to Europe, then this is precisely the capital of Algeria - it is advantageously located the largest seaport, the center of the economy and culture of the country.

The slopes of the mountain Dzhurdzhura, 16 km of the Mediterranean coast, the dome of the Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Afric, the uniqueness of the Kasbah, green boulevards, gardens and parks gave the person Algeria unique features and unforgettable beauty. In the capital there are many museums of art and history, the national library, a large beautiful botanical garden and the country's oldest university.

Most of the country's beauties are occupied by natural sights, so Algeria's tourism provides an exciting and unforgettable journey. Driving through the territory you will have a unique opportunity to find ancient finds or artifacts, as there were Phoenicians, Byzantines, Romans, Turks, and even Carthaginians in this area. Because of this, Algeria is so full of amazing fortresses, stunning mosques, as well as unrealistically beautiful Byzantine temples and unique basilicas.

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Algeria vacation. Photography tours

Travel to Algeria, this colorful Arab country will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time

The gray-haired ruins of the times of the Phoenicians and Vizintians, the triumphal arches of the ancient Romans and mosques erected by pirates are also worthy of the attention of guests of Algeria. Tassili National Park holds petroglyphs dating from scientists in the seventh millennium BC and listed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List of Humanity.

The vegetation of Algeria for the most part is rather poor, but on the seashore, where evergreen tracts of trees and shrubs are rampant, the situation looks much better and more attractive. Stone and cork oaks, thickets of juniper and thuja, Aleppo pines, cedar are the trees that can be found in the forests of the Atlas Mountains.

As with all of North Africa, the main religion in Algeria is Islam. Therefore, follow the basic rules so as not to incur the displeasure of local residents and authorities. You need to enter the mosque only without shoes. Alcohol can only be drunk at the bar, in any case not on the street. Women do not cktletn walk in open clothes.

Many tourists are attracted to Algeria, which seems unexplored, secret and ancient. A lot of travelers come here just for the relics that have been stored in the sandy territory for several centuries. Even despite the remoteness of the country, it still remains popular for the world and quite exotic, because here you can see a lot and discover something new and interesting.

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