Alpine family vacation. Kids Hotels in the Alps

There is a good alternative to the sea coast - Alpine lakes

In the Alps there are many hotels for families with children - in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

What can be seen in the Alps in the summer? In the summer, the mountains are truly magnificent and varied. Landscapes are fascinating, you remember them for a lifetime. Switzerland seems to be created for traveling with children. Here you can spend time with health benefits and fully satisfy children's curiosity. The Alps are so diverse in terms of recreation and entertainment that the list simply has no end. In addition to outdoor activities, in summer you can perfectly improve your health in numerous sanatoriums, SPA-complexes, visit the thermal springs, and simply breathe the purest mountain air, admiring the beautiful alpine landscapes.

Summer in Switzerland is the sparkling peaks of the Alps and palm trees along the shores of the azure lakes, peace of mind and balance are perfectly combined with active life and the latest technology. The Alps in summer and walking are inseparable. On the mountain alpine trails you will surely find grazing herds of cows and goats. Children will be delighted, because city dwellers do not often see this. On the neck of animals, the famous alpine bells will notify the approaching cows in advance. By the way, the alpine bell is an indispensable souvenir that you definitely need to take with you.

Among tourists there was an opinion about the rest in the Alps, as about exclusively ski resorts. In the summer, it will be interesting for both outdoor enthusiasts and those who prefer to simply enjoy the clean mountain air, beautiful nature and delicious food. All tourist routes are laid among breathtaking views of the mountain tops, among the uniquely beautiful mountain gorges, waterfalls and lakes that the Alps are so rich with. Individual stages of the routes are connected by colorful Alpine villages or farms, where you can taste the fresh milk of famous Alpine cows and admire the beautiful landscapes of Alpine meadows.

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Alpine family vacation
Almost in any area of the Alps, tourists will be offered bike tours and hikes of varying difficulty. The Alps are famous for their unique landscapes, there are very beautiful places that can only be reached on foot. There are easy walking trails, which you can enjoy with your family. There are trails of increased complexity for tourists with good physical preparation. These are climbs to fairly high peaks, on foot and by bike.

Alps in the summer these days are becoming increasingly popular among tourists from different countries

Of course, first of all, the Alps are associated with snow-covered slopes, magnificent ski resorts and a glass of mulled wine after skiing or snowboarding. But the summer Alps are attractive in their own way and no less beautiful than in winter. Traditionally, the tourist summer season in the Alps lasts from July to September. The air temperature in the summer months averages + 20 degrees Celsius.

In September it gets a little cooler, and the mountain air cools to + 17-18 degrees Celsius. The weather, depending on the altitude, may differ at different levels. You also need to be prepared for a sudden change of weather. In the Alps there are many mountain lakes. The water temperature in them warms up to 25 degrees in the summer, so it should be very comfortable for most tourists.

In the Alps there are many places to stay with children - the usual museums and open-air museums, fortresses and palaces, theme parks, mini railways, salt mines and stalactite caves, zoos and nature reserves that will not leave indifferent your children. Beautiful alpine landscapes. The Alps are extremely beautiful in summer. Views that are breathtaking.

If you are fond of photography, then stock up on batteries for your camera - you will click continuously and for a long time. Here is a green-green alpine meadow with grazing cows, and here is a mountain waterfall breaking the ringing silence. As you go up the mountain path, you will see a deciduous forest and a forest consisting of coniferous trees, flood meadows and cliffs.

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