Altay, Russia. Altai is good at any time of the year

Altai is huge and diverse. You can come here every year all your life and every time discover something new

Altai is an amazing and picturesque place. In a small area you can see a variety of landscapes: rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, steppes. There are about 20,000 rivers and streams and almost 7,000 lakes, as well as the famous Altai mountain ranges. Anyone can choose a trip to Altai for their soul

If you enjoy a relaxing holiday with a developed infrastructure - you are on your way to Chemal. If you dream to conquer the mountain peaks, then your path lies through the Seminsky Pass and beyond. And if you want to take a walk on the water, then you should go to Lake Teletskoye in the village of Artybash. There are high ever snowy mountains, there are beautiful lakes, mountain rivers, and eternal sands and desert. All this diversity of wildlife is concentrated in a relatively small area of the Republic of Gorny Altai.

The beauty of these places can be admired endlessly. Altai is so diverse and amazing that you can write a large colorful article about every corner of it. Local cuisine can be tasted in stylized roadside cafes. The basis of the Altai mountain menu consists of meat dishes, widely used dairy products. In general, the kitchen is similar to the Kazakh. Traveling on foot - the most difficult and most real. Having overcome yourself and many obstacles, having fallen in love with rain and wind, having forgotten about the comfort and pleasures of a big city, you will feel the authentic Altai and become one with it. Altai also attracts mountain tourists with its mountains.

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Altay, Russia

You can meet camels on the territory of the Altai. Basically they are kept today as entertainment for tourists, and also instead of horses

When to go on a trip to Altai? The weather in the mountains is changing rapidly and unpredictably. In any season there are some seasonal features. The winter is cold here, but because of the snow-white snow it is fabulously beautiful. Keep in mind that avalanches often occur in the mountains. Therefore, going to the mountains, avoid avalanche-dangerous places.

Late spring and summer are warm, but the melt water raises the level of the rivers, so roads are flooded in some places. This is a period of increased activity of ticks. The best time to travel is from August to September. Water less and open access even to the farthest points of tourist routes. On foot or on horseback, in a raft, on a bicycle or an quad bike - why choose if you can try everything at once.

Sometimes you do not believe your eyes, every time landscapes change beyond recognition. Types of nature that are striking in their beauty. Nature has generously rewarded this land with beauty. Torrential rains are quickly replaced by thick fog. If the weather is clear, just manage to turn your head - mountains, lakes, landscapes, serpentines. In silence, tranquility, beauty, Gorny Altai surpasses many popular tourist destinations of the world.

In Altai there is a very starry sky, on a clear night from this low sky, just do not take your eyes off. And what indescribable here are fabulous sunsets and sunrises. Just a riot of colors, any artist could envy such a palette. Altai is beautiful not only in summer, but also in the off-season, in autumn, when the greens changed colors for autumn clothes. And still incredibly beautiful time in spring, when the wild rosemary flowers bloom and all the mountains turn purple from this bloom.

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