Brazil travel. Amazon river tours: Victoria Regia - typical aquatic Plant of the Amazonia. Victoria amazonica, Nymphaeaceae. Brazil tours

The size of this plant has no analogues among the family Nymphaeaceae, because the diameter of the leaf of a tropical celebrity reaches two meters

About Victoria Regia are beautiful legends that give her magical properties. Tourists traveling to South America consider it their duty to visit places where a rare tropical plant grows

Brazil is a country of natural wonders. Brazil is a huge and beautiful tropical world. Brazil is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, full of rivers, waterfalls and beaches, immersed in the greenery of many different forests - Amazonian, Atlantic, rain and others. Tours to Brazil will give you a sea of unforgettable impressions, and the nature of this region will surprise you with its pristine beauty. The aborigines call the Amazon Parana Ting, which means "Queen of the Rivers." And indeed, this river is by far the greatest in the world. The Amazon Lowland, or Amazonia, is the greatest lowland on Earth. This is a vast kingdom of swamps and jungles, where the only roads are rivers.

Most of the Amazon basin belongs to Brazil, but the famous river takes its origin in Peru, and in the west it also manages to seize three more countries - Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. Therefore, the Amazon is not just the full-flowing river in the world, but a real water empire washing the territories of five states. Anavilanas, the world's largest freshwater archipelago, consisting of more than 4,000 islands. Dragonflies with shimmering wings fly over the river, and the Amazonian water lilies reveal their huge leaves. In the evening, if you're lucky, you can see the endangered Amazonian dolphin or local monkey species, such as the sloth, living in the dense foliage of tall trees. These islands are a paradise for bird watching enthusiasts: you can often see parrots, including macaws, as well as toucans and herons. In conditions of high humidity, over a thousand species of trees and other higher plants thrive in a kilometer-long area.

Amazon rainforests are able to withstand climate change. Most predictions of how great this ability is are based on outdated models. One of these antediluvian assumptions is that the soils of Amazonia contain enough elements such as phosphorus - they are necessary so that trees can bind additional CO2 as global emissions increase. In modern studies, scientists have taken into account the lack of phosphorus in soils and have shown that current estimates of the effectiveness of the forests of the Amazon basin in the absorption of carbon dioxide are doubled.

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Brazil travel. Amazon river tours: Victoria Regia - typical aquatic Plant of the Amazonia. Victoria amazonica, Nymphaeaceae. Brazil tours.
Scientists have discovered that the extinction of plants over the past two and a half centuries has been more extensive than previously estimated. According to previous estimates, at least 150 plant species have become extinct in the last two and a half centuries. But a new study presents data according to which the real number is almost four times higher: scientists have discovered 571 extinct plants since 1753. Researchers also compiled a map of extinctions, noting that most of them are in the tropics and on the islands. Hot spots include South Africa, Australia, India, and Hawaii. According to nerds, the main culprit is habitat destruction, although some plants also suffered from too much human destruction.

Victoria Regia is the largest water lily in the world, as well as one of the most beautiful

An amazingly delicate and fragile bud appears above the surface of the water only once a year, its life lasts 2-3 days. It is believed that admiring the huge flowering water lily charges with positive energy and further contributes to the fulfillment of the cherished desires. The land of the richest fauna, tens of thousands of animal species, including such extraordinary as hyacinth macaw and spotted jaguar.

It mixed the rhythms and faces of the world - and a unique country was born. The Amazon carries a quarter of all the water carried into the ocean by the rivers of our planet. And the area of its basin - more than seven million square kilometers - allows you to place in it the entire mainland of Australia. The journey itself on the Amazon is not a difficult journey, as it may seem at first glance. Everything in Brazil is exotic.

An unusual journey through the Amazon is suitable for true adventurers who are not afraid of the difficulties and wild inhabitants of the jungle. If you see a sparrow on Amazon, know it is not a sparrow, it is a mosquito. A trip to the territories adjacent to the Amazon basin will be incredibly interesting and breathtaking. To watch the animals, you can sit in a small boat and swim along the shore or take a short walk deep into the forest.

You will have the opportunity to see three types of wet forests typical of the Amazon Basin: periodically flooded forests of Igapo and Varzey and the forest of solid Earth growing in high places that the river does not flood. It is recommended to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever. There are no vaccinations required to visit the country. The presence of insurance is not a prerequisite for visiting the country, but it is recommended to issue it.

Recently, scientists summed up the experiment to simulate the carbon cycle in a tropical forest at elevated temperatures. Contrary to the predictions of most climate models, the amount of carbon emitted as carbon dioxide has decreased, not increased. Rainforests contain about a third of all carbon on the planet and two thirds of the biomass above ground. According to most climate models, as the climate warms up, organic matter in tropical forests will begin to decompose faster, which will lead to additional carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere and accelerate global warming.

By 2100, the world's population will reach 11 billion. Many of the fastest growing populations are located in the poorest countries, where population growth poses additional challenges for poverty alleviation, hunger, poor health and education. Migration has become a major component of population changes in some countries. Between 2010 and 2020, in fourteen countries or regions, the net inflow will amount to more than one million migrants, and in ten countries, the net outflow will be the same.

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