Ayutthaya, Bangkok

Ayutthaya was formerly the capital of Siam

Much of the city is a UNESCO heritage site, and Ayuthaya itself is impressive for its colorful architecture and ancient ruins, as well as temples, monasteries and a 16-meter-high Buddha statue

The city is interesting for its originality and atmosphere. It is strikingly different from all other popular tourist cities of Thailand. The city lives and develops its life, regardless of tourists, at the same time warmly receiving any guests of the city.

The old Thai capital Ayutthaya (full name Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) is one of the most interesting ruined cities in Asia. The city is located on the spacious and fertile plain of Menam Chao Phraya. For more than 400 years (between 1350 and 1767), Ayutthaya was the capital of the kingdom of Siam. Western travelers spoke very flatteringly about the city, calling it the best place on Earth. The city emerged as a small fort post of the Khmer kingdom and was founded in the XI century next to Watt Kudi Dao.

In the XIII century after the Thais conquered and began to cultivate the valley of Menam, Ayutthaya and Lopburi became part of the Principality of U Tong, vassal of Sukhothai. In 1374, a plague epidemic struck the country, which destroyed more than half of the population and forced Prince U Tong to leave the capital. Ayutthaya, ideally located in the Menam valley and surrounded by rivers, was chosen as the new capital. The separation of the Siamese kingdom and the imminent death of King Ramkamkheng allowed Wu Tong to politically separate from the rulers of Sukhothai. In 1350, King Somdet Pra Rama Tobodi declared U Tong an independent state.

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Ayutthaya, Bangkok

Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of Thailand, located 80 km from Bangkok and 210 km from Pattaya

Although all the possibilities for a tourist stay in the city for several days are available, and it will not be possible to see all the ruins of the ancient city for a short trip, not many tourists stop in Ayutthaya. For a tour of the city it is better to allocate two or even three full days. There are a large number of hotels of various categories and prices, attractions and museums, cafes and restaurants.

In general, the tourist infrastructure of the city allows you to spend a few days here, immersed in exploring the sights, although it (infrastructure) is not very diverse. If you cannot include several days for inspection of Ayutthaya in your travel itinerary, take a look here at least for a day by yourself.

Ayutthaya - the former capital of Siam - today perhaps the most impressive ruins on the Asian continent - is located in the wide fertile valley of Chauphrai, in its bend. The Chauphrai and two more rivers set the city's natural boundaries. They are connected by a channel, so the city lies on an artificially created island.

The main temples can be bypassed on foot, but by renting a bike, you look a lot more. The largest temple in Ayutthaya was Wat Phra Si Sanphat, it was included in the palace complex. Built temple in the XIV century. It has three stupas. Some temples were built in the Khmer style, many, although they lie in ruins, are still majestic.

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