Baikal lake fishing. Summer is the most popular time to relax on Baikal

Fishing on the lake is good. Fishing on Baikal is unique

Fishing on Lake Baikal in the summer is gorgeous

In summer, all the attractions on Baikal, cruises on the ship and active leisure activities such as rafting on mountain rivers, kayaking, and hiking trips are available. Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water and the largest freshwater lake by area on the continent. The area of Lake Baikal exceeds the territory of the Netherlands and Belgium combined. According to various estimates, from 330 to 550 permanent rivers and streams flow into the lake, but the Selenga river brings most of the water.

Only one river flows out of Baikal - the Angara. Baikal is rich in its fish stocks - more than 56 species of fish live here. The most valuable of them are: Baikal sturgeon (fishing is prohibited), grayling, omul, lenok (fishing is stopped), whitefish, golomyanka, taimen (fishing is prohibited). Pike, roach (sorghum), perch, and sometimes grayling by locals is considered weed fish. The best period for catching perch, pike, dace, sorog, lenok, grayling, whitefish and omul is generally considered to be the period from mid-December to mid-April. Baikal prohibits the use of more than 10 hooks on a single pole, underwater hunting with scuba, and all types of nets for recreational fishing. Many relic fish of Baikal are listed in the Red Book. In addition, catching the most valuable species of fish has strict time limits.

On the shores of the lake are many camp sites and resort villages. Many tourist camps organize fishing tours under the guidance of experienced instructors on the lake and rivers flowing into it. The warm holiday season lasts only two months: from mid-June to mid-August. Before traveling to Baikal stock up on cash. In the most visited places of Baikal there is a mobile connection. In the protected areas of Baikal, as a rule, only satellite communication is available. Be sure to buy sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

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Baikal lake fishing
Baikal remains a symbol of the beauty of nature, its purity. Here lives the only species of freshwater seal in the world - the beautiful Baikal seal. The shores of Lake Baikal are now protected by the state: some have the status of protected areas, some have received the status of national parks. However, Baikal also suffers from environmental problems. Only on Baikal you can see these innocent round eyes, mustaches with a jerk and touching short flippers: the Baikal seal is not found anywhere else. It is better to appoint a date where there are seals in the native element, for example, on the Ushkany Islands. This archipelago of the seal was chosen for their rookery, so the chances to see them here are the most. Get to Ushkany Islands on a sightseeing boat from Olkhon Island or from Ust-Barguzin. And all the summer you can, without getting up from the couch, look at the seals through a webcam installed on one of the islands.

There is no fisherman who would not want to learn from his own experience what is fishing on Baikal

Almost everyone has heard of the fabulous purity of this freshwater sea and the unusual representatives of its animal world. Baikal divides two regions: the Irkutsk Region and Buryatia. The Buryat side is famous by its protected areas, such as the Barguzinsky reserve and sandy deserted bay. There is still Chivyrkuisky Bay, according to fishermen, there is the best fishing on Baikal. At any time of the year, Baikal needs sunscreen and glasses, since the sun on Baikal is always very active. If you are taking medications, it is better to take them with you, as well as a standard first-aid kit, because there is no pharmacy everywhere. The most popular among anglers are shallow, well-warmed bays and gulfs. For example, the bay of the Small Sea, the bays of Chivyrkuy, Muhor, Proval and many others.

There are 27 stable rocky islands on the lake, besides them there are a lot of alluvial. The shores of the lake are strongly indented, there are steep rocky areas. Of the meat dishes, Buryat poses are very popular on Baikal - big dumplings with a hole steamed, but bukhler is a mutton soup. In the Buryat cafes you will also be offered green tea with milk or herbal tea, as well as sea buckthorn sbiten or fruit juice. Siberian land is rich in berries - blueberries, blueberries, lingonberries, spine, raspberries, currants, sea buckthorn. In August, the mushroom season begins.

Nature on Baikal is really harsh. In the wild, there is no easier way to survive than in much of Siberia. Tourists continue to strive here - have fun or be in silence, on the contrary. Those who once admired the views of Baikal will never forget this. The sunsets are beautiful here, the sunrises are wonderful, the morning dawns are magical. Then shades of pink, purple, scarlet, soft yellow colors glow in the sky. At the bottom, the Baikal waves shimmer with all shades: from blue density to milky blue.

Become an omul expert. Omul is a Baikal legend fish, which you just can't do without trying. From the shelves, the omul is hot and cold smoked, and still salted and salted. You can order a ready dish at a cafe or cook fresh fish yourself: fry, stew, bake or cook fragrant fish soup. And how good is the sweet omul on the crooks, only taken from the fire! Even if you eat omul for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there will be enough recipes for a week.

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