Bangkok Palace Guard. Grand Royal Palace in Bangkok

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Bangkok has a lot of attractions, but the main one is The Grand Palace

Crowds of tourists from all over the world flow here. Moreover, the Royal Palace attracts not only foreigners, it is also of great importance for the Thais themselves, as it is considered one of the holiest places in Thailand. There are guided tours both for tourists and newly minted monks, important events and government meetings are held. Many statues of mythical creatures: Kinari, Garuda - people-birds, bronze lions guard the entrance to the main temple.

The territory of the Royal Palace is 218 square km, which is surrounded on all sides by high walls. There are temples, palaces, galleries, museums, pagodas and more. Until recently, the Grand Royal Palace in Bangkok was the seat of the royal family. But now it is a tourist complex, only sometimes government meetings are held here. At the entrance, they give out a good map of the palace with a description of its attractions for free, so you do not need to buy a card from the vendors near the entrance.

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Bangkok Palace Guard

In addition to living soldiers, the palace is guarded by various supernatural beings, whose sculptures and images are caught here and there

The most interesting and significant buildings in the Royal Palace are: the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, a reduced copy of the Angkor Wat Cambodian temple, the King's High Residence (Mahamonthyan), Queen Sirikit Museum, Chakri Palace. Start your trip to Bangkok by visiting the Royal Palace. This building, built in the 18th century, can be called the pearl of Bangkok. If you are lucky, you will see an official ceremony in which royals will take part. Here ceremonies are not uncommon.

Visitors are required to comply with the dress code, otherwise you will not be allowed into the complex. You should be wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and legs completely, your shoes should also be with a heel closed or at least with a strap on the heel. If you do not have the necessary things with you, do not despair, at the entrance you can rent everything you need or buy near the complex at ridiculous prices.

In Bangkok, there are many historical sights and a number of modern festivals are held, allowing you to get acquainted with the constantly evolving history of the capital of Thailand. In all aspects, from sporting spectacles to bold architecture, Bangkok demonstrates one of the most original cultures on the planet.

Buddhism, which professes the majority of the multi-million population of Thailand, is deeply integrated into Thai culture and everyday etiquette. Thais sincerely believe that any business must necessarily bring joy (sanuk), otherwise it should not be taken. Tolerance, courtesy, modesty and good nature - these are the main positive qualities that distinguish the inhabitants of the "land of smiles".

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