Barbados Beach. In Barbados, water sports are well developed: sailing, water skiing, diving and snorkeling

Barbados has many good sandy beaches, each with its own special character. Take the plunge.

Barbados is a fabulous island surrounded by coral reefs with wonderful beaches, lush tropical nature and even mild climate throughout the year

Barbados is one of the largest West Indian islands in the Caribbean. He is buried in lush vegetation, he is romantic. Everything here is reminiscent of the era when the sea was plowed by desperate pirates. The island pleases with its mild and stable climate throughout the year. The western part - on this side of the island completely washes the Caribbean Sea. In any place, get off the road that runs right along the coastline and inevitably get to the beach with crisp and clean golden sand.

On the South Coast, the cleanest and whitest beaches, the calmest and warmest water, and the most relaxing atmosphere. And most importantly, every evening in the sky there is a unique view - a sunset, unlike the previous one. The east coast is washed by the crazy Atlantic Ocean, a paradise for surfers. The nature of this part of Barbados is both fascinating and frightening. There are no beaches suitable for normal splashing in warm waters.

Surfers love to travel to Barbados, especially they like to rest on the southern side of the island, since ocean and sea waters mix there, creating steep waves, and most hotels are concentrated there. The Cave Anemone is an interesting place in Barbados and a natural wonder, located in the "Checker Hall" district of the city. It is located at the coastline, more precisely at the very foot of the rocks washed by the Caribbean Sea. In the caves there are wonderful pools, on the bottom and the walls of which, graceful flowers of sea anemones grow - actinium is a picturesque view of large corals.

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Barbados Beach

The South Coast of Barbados is the meeting point of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean with ideal conditions for windsurfing

The restaurants of the island are famous for their diversity: here you can taste national dishes and much more. Lovers of strong drinks will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible number of rum varieties on the shelves of hypermarkets and specialty shops. Is it possible to imagine a dashing sea rogue without a bottle of good old alcoholic beverage based on sugar cane? Rum is one of the business cards of Barbados. Hundreds of tiny bars and lots of colorful rum shops are scattered around the island and add a lot of color to it.

The island is located on the eastern tip of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. There are reserved places on the island, where unique species of tropical plants and animals have survived in the wild - so it's not surprising that the tours here enjoy the deserved interest of tourists. Local food can not be called either exotic or varied. It mainly consists of meat, seafood, local vegetables and fruits.

Folkstone Underwater Park is visited by travelers who come to the city of Holetown. It occupies a vast land area and sea. This is a great place to explore the indescribable beauty of the deep sea. Almost at the coast at thirty seven meters depth one can see the ship "Stavronikita" that sank in 1976 and belonged to Greece. You can dive to it under the guidance of experienced instructors. The park is no less interesting to swim with a mask, and see a lot of interesting inhabitants of the warm Caribbean: sea animals, plants. By the way, flying fish is found in the local coastal waters - one of the symbols of the island of Barbados.

The capital of the island of Barbados is Bridgetown - a place where museums and monuments of colonial architecture are concentrated, as well as the main port, where numerous cruise liners moor. Barbados boasts a record number of long-livers, in this island even surpassed the world leaders of longevity - Japan and Sweden. Scientists explain this phenomenon not only a favorable climate, but also a positive perception of the life of the local population, as well as a love of physical labor.

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