Biarritz vacation France. Beautiful clouds above Biarritz's Harbor. Biarritz travel France

Best active weekend getaways. Biarritz in France is a world famous surfing center.

The famous resort of Biarritz on the coast of the Bay of Biscay gained fame thanks to the wedding of Louis XVI with the Spanish princess Maria Theresa in the second half of the 18th century

The city stands on the very border of France and Spain. This region is called the Basque Country. Here lives one of the most ancient peoples, whose language is the oldest in Europe. Biarritz is the best surfing beaches in Europe, balneological centers, beautiful architecture, picturesque mountain landscapes - all this awaits you in a fabulous town with a wonderful climate and a relaxed atmosphere.

Due to the special relief of the bottom of the bay, the waves here appear almost continuously, so soon surfers from all over the world began to come here. So gradually Biarritz became a real surfing center of France. But the famous town of Biarritz was already long before that. Vladimir Nabokov, in his autobiographical novel, will describe the rest in it as a child as Life in Paradise. Fyodor Shalyapin, Anton Chekhov, Vasily Aksenov and many other representatives of the Russian intelligentsia came here. And it was precisely in Biarritz that the rational Bismarck fell in love without memory in Russian Countess Orlov.

The wide sandy beaches of Biarritz stretch from two rocky outcrops - Cape St. Martin and Ataley Plateau to the famous northern beach of Chambre d'Amour ("Rooms of Love"). Biarritz is a real Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, golf and windsurfing are considered the most popular here. Every year, international windsurfing competitions take place here, attracting professionals and amateurs from all over the world, and the local schools of this sport are considered the best in Europe. The Atlantic coast of France is famous for its wide sandy beaches. However, there is a problem of tides here and there: in some areas the sea can go a full kilometer from the coast.

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Biarritz vacation France. Beautiful clouds above Biarritz Harbor. Biarritz travel France.

Biarritz is the king of beaches and the beach of kings

Be sure to visit: the Museum of the Sea and the Museum of the Ocean, an exhibition complex designed in the shape of the ocean surface by American architect Steven Hall. Museum of Oriental Arts, Chocolate Museum, Biarritz Historical Museum. The 73-meter-long Biarritz Lighthouse and the royal chapel, erected in 1864 by order of Empress Eugenia. Exhibitions held in Biarritz throughout the year.

Biarritz, one of the most famous resorts on the Atlantic coast, attracts tourists with its mild climate, sea air, saturated with iodine vapor, and the extraordinary beauty of the Atlantic Pyrenees. Biarritz - a classic resort with its own attractions. In Biarritz, tourists come to not only have a good time, but also improve their health: there is a large (3000 sq. M.) And popular thalassotherapy institute here. It uses all the modern methods of thalassotherapy: underwater massage, various types of showers, sea sprays, ultrasound treatment, algal therapy, pressure therapy, electrotherapy.

Arriving in Biarritz, you should definitely enjoy the best dishes of local chefs. Among tourists, oysters and foie gras and poultry meat are especially popular. For most of us, every new trip to France is inevitably accompanied by an acquaintance with the culinary traditions of the regions we visit. The cuisine of the Aquitaine region is somewhat different from the national cuisine of France.

The area is famous for the most delicious oysters in the country and poultry meat. In the best restaurants of Biarritz, you will definitely be offered one of the signature dishes - foie gras or oysters in sauce. In Aquitaine, it is customary to cook food not with butter or olive oil, but with goose or duck fat. It's supposed to start a meal with a hearty snack - duck tartare with lettuce or ham with grilled vegetables. The most popular fish soup is not the traditional bouillabaisse, but the chowder chaudree saintongeaise. It is prepared on an open fire in a cast-iron pot. The basis of the soup - a variety of fish, shrimp and cuttlefish.

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