Bosporus, Istanbul, Turkey. Unusual Tours in Istanbul

This is a sea walk with a special color - at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, which you should definitely make

The city of Istanbul is considered an oriental miracle. It is one of the oldest and largest cities in the world. Today, Istanbul is the largest city in the country

Istanbul is a multinational city, in which besides Turks live Greeks, Armenians, Russians and Jews. Istanbul is also a city of many magnificent historical monuments: churches, mosques and palaces, most of which are located in the old part of the city. The European western part of the Asian eastern part of the city separates the Bosphorus Strait. The beautiful 32-kilometer Bosphorus connects the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. From the boat floating along the Bosphorus offers a beautiful view of Istanbul.

A walk along the Bosphorus is a wonderful option for rest after a busy first or second day in Istanbul. The Bosphorus is an important shipping artery of Turkey and the whole world. It connects the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea, and the movement of ships through it does not stop day or night. The spill is very narrow, so collisions in it are far from uncommon. Here you can see the huge cruise liners, and warships, and small fishing boats.

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Bosporus, Istanbul, Turkey

You will pass by the elegant mosques and magnificent palaces of the 19th century, the front doors of which are turned to the sea

You can rent a boat for yourself individually with a personal "driver". Boaters who want to ride tourists are more than enough. The price of the walk will depend on your ability to bargain and the time of the tour. On an individual tour, you can look at the Bosphorus with "non-touristic" eyes, dine at a restaurant "for the locals" and learn something interesting about Istanbul and Turkey in general. Sailing on a pleasure boat from the pier Eminonu, look back and admire the historical view of the city, in the center of which will be Suleymaniye Mosque.

A legend is associated with the name of the strait. The name Bosphorus comes from the Greek words that mean "passage" and "cow." In Greek myths it is said that this strait sailed across Io - the beloved of the god Zeus. In the guise of a cow, she was saved from the persecution of a huge gadfly sent by the goddess Hero - the jealous wife of the supreme deity Beautiful views of Istanbul from the sea, interesting historical sites, a pleasant sea holiday.

Wooden summer villas, night clubs and restaurants are located along the coast. The historical name of the city is the city is Constantinople, the capital of Byzantium. But on a trip to modern Turkey, calling Istanbul Constantinople would be an insult to locals. You should also refrain from discussing relations between Turkey and Greece. Better not to mention Greece at all.

Istanbul is an amazing city at the crossroads of continents, religions and eras. When buying something in Istanbul bazaars, be sure to bargain. So you will not only reduce the price (which is initially very high), but also pay tribute to local customs. At the same time, it is important to remember that in no case should you disregard the product. It is better to praise and express regret that you cannot afford it.

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