Ski holidays - famous Swiss skiing resort Braunwald. Switzerland tours

Braunwald is a ski resort in Switzerland

Braunwald is a family-friendly, gated community resort area on a sunny terrace deep in the canton of Glarus

If you find yourself in Braunwald when there is deep snow here and the sun is shining brightly, you will understand why these places are so often called the "fairytale world." Eight ski lifts bring winter sports enthusiasts to the mountain hotel Gumen or to the Zeblen mountain range (both located at an altitude of 1900 m). 32 km of prepared trails, from simple to difficult, descend into the village. The northern slopes above the Bechital valley are especially well provided for with snow in their landscape and are especially well supplied with snow. Spacious, free from vegetation, the terrain allows almost everywhere to turn away from the main direction of movement.

This unique car-free resort in eastern Switzerland is located at an altitude of 1300 meters and has the "Families Welcome" quality mark. Among the thematic routes around Braunwald, Zwaarg Baartli, the "dwarf trail," which takes you to exactly the same place as described in the fairy tale, is especially popular. And the owner of the fabulous Bellevue Hotel tells incredible stories to bewitched children every day since 1976.

Traveling to Switzerland for an ordinary tourist may seem like very expensive fun, and may even scare many away from such a journey. In fact, it is not. "Height" of the ski season affects not only the cost of rest. In the "low" season, it becomes more spacious on the highways, in restaurants, and at the lifts. A real paradise for ski gourmets! And also for beginners. The fewer guests, the freer on the slopes: in group classes with instructors you can take the first steps in skiing, and you can significantly improve your level and master, finally, the rotation, grabs or flips! In any case, the trails of the most different levels of complexity will be enough for everyone.

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Ski holidays - famous Swiss skiing resort Braunwald. Switzerland tours.
Early booking is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the perfect ski vacation in the Alps. Standard accommodation options, as a rule, end long before the start of the season. So if you want to choose a comfortable room with a terrace and a view of the shining peaks of the mountains, you should think about booking a winter holiday in advance. At the start of sales, not only a wide choice of numbers is available, but also virtually any race dates - and with a discount of up to 15%. You can book Christmas holidays, March holidays or a short ski vacation for several days. The choice is yours!

The resort of Braunwald attracts with excellent thematic routes, climbing, rose gardens and a family ski arena

A cable car cabin called "Banley" takes guests and locals from the station Lynthal to a sunny terrace located at an altitude of 1300 meters because in the village of Braunwald, with its 530 inhabitants, motor transport is prohibited, and it is removed from Zurich to a distance that requires at least an hour to overcome. In Braunwald there is everything for a holiday apres-ski - 3 bars, an internet cafe, a cinema, 10 restaurants. As well as the hotel indoor pool at the Waldhouse Hotel, shooting, aerobics, paragliding, 20 km of hiking trails.

Winter hikers can choose from a 20-kilometer network of pedestrian routes that they will especially like. There is also a 4 km cross-country ski run. And, of course, in the family resort of Braunwald there are also sleigh and toboggan tracks. For climbers, Brownwald's landscape is also a favorite: there are 40 different climbing routes and trails. And anglers can be sure of a good catch on the lake Oberleggiesee, which is replete with fish.

The Swiss themselves believe that their main wealth is the landscape and landscape, as well as the quality of life. The Swiss carefully protect their nature and do not spare money for it. They try to keep everything in its original form. In addition to seasonality, the geography of the ski region also influences the cost of recreation.

In Chamonix or Tignes, which cover the eternal glaciers, the first athletes go to the slopes in September. In January and February it is colder here, therefore December will be the "highest" and, accordingly, expensive season in the north of the Alps. But in January-February, the rest at the exclusive resorts of the highest class becomes more accessible.

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