Brazil travel. Fishing boats, sands of Copacabana beach. Sugar Loaf mountain. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil tours

Copacabana Beach: Marine Princess of Brazil

Brazil is a country of amazing beauty. Dazzling beaches and endless tropical rainforests are only a small fraction of the magnificence that awaits tourists here

Brazil can offer more than 2000 beaches and more than 1000 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. One word Copacabana - the name of the most famous beach in the world - speaks for itself. The Amazon River and Iguazu Falls are the most famous natural sites in the country, with 62 national parks and more than 100 protected areas. Brazil is a paradise for both ecotourism lovers and beach lovers. Hundreds of miles of beaches, unique nature and an eternal celebration of life. Brazil is a huge country in South America, rich in culture and traditions. It combines the delightful landscapes of nature, noisy cities, fascinating music and white beaches.

Rio de Janeiro is a lively city with religious places of interest - symbols of Christianity, with Sugar Mountain and the delightful beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Copacabana (in Portuguese Praia de Copacabana) is a world-famous beach stretching in an elegant arc in an urban area with the same name in the southern part of the former capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. The beach and the wide promenade "Avenida Atlantika" are never empty, being a favorite vacation spot of local residents and numerous tourists. Today, the famous beach is also the largest concert venue, where world-famous artists have performed more than once.

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Brazil travel. Fishing boats, sands of Copacabana beach. Sugar Loaf mountain. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil tours

Rio de Janeiro is a city with the most incredible scenery. Portuguese mariners, who chose a place for the colony more than 500 years ago, definitely had a sense of beauty

Brazilian culture has been created for hundreds of years by nations with very diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, whose heritage is now expressed in art, festivals, the architecture of historic cities and the richest Brazilian cuisine. The brightest holidays of Brazil, known throughout the world for their scope, chic and fun, especially those that take place in Rio de Janeiro - this, of course, is a carnival and a new year. Many people dream of getting to these events.

The most popular time to visit Brazil is from December to March. Under the pulsing bits of Bosanova, the rhythmic samba dance and a glass of Brazilian caipirinhas, travelers plunge into the magical world of Brazil. Brazil is an incredibly colorful country that lives in a constant carnival rhythm of life.

It attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world like a magnet every year. Brazil is known to all as the birthplace of coffee, sambo, football, the famous Rio de Janeiro and carnivals. It is not for nothing that they call it the land of contrasts: the mountains side by side with tropical forests, wild jungles with huge megacities, and arid deserts with golden beaches and ocean bays.

For lovers of the exotic in the Amazonian jungle, many "eco-hotels" have been built, some of them are completely unique, such as the Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, which offers its visitors luxurious apartments on the tops of giant trees connected many attached bridges, which in addition are guided tours of the jungle. Prices bite. However, such hotels can be found only in Brazil and nowhere else. If you want to save on a hotel - you can rent a room in a hostel, there are quite a lot of them here.

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