Brazil vacations. A cute golden lion tamarin baby (Leontopithecus rosalia). Brazil tours

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The capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonia is Manaus. Tourists come here for the fantastic flora and fauna of one of the most mysterious and mystical rivers in the world - the Amazon, both frightening and fascinating at the same time. Amazonian forests are the richest variety of flora and fauna in the world. There are more than 1,300 species of birds, including noisy red macaws. At the confluence of the Jauaperi and Rio Negru rivers in the flooded forests of the iguapo, do not miss the opportunity to watch wild animals at night, to try to see the brilliant eyes of caiman and other animals in the dark with lanterns.

Half of the oxygen on our planet is produced in the Amazon jungle. Even the most knowledgeable botanists will not be able to list all the representatives of the flora and fauna of this area, and many species do exist only here. The river rafting is very popular among tourists as a way to get acquainted with the Amazon. During such rafting, travelers live on the ship, and go out to explore the area at each stop. Before planning such trips, it is better to make sure that the state of health allows you to go through many hours of transitions, excursions for the whole day and spending the night in a hammock.

Adventure itself is one of the main reasons why people, like migratory birds, tend to hundreds of thousands to new places. We control everything so carefully in everyday life, so carefully write down goals and tasks in our diaries, so often check e-mail and social networks, that our life has become a super-structured system in which there is no place for spontaneity and dreams. In a journey, on the contrary, we can relax and let everything go to chance.

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Brazil vacations. A cute golden lion tamarin baby (Leontopithecus rosalia). Brazil tours.
The golden lion tamarin is a small monkey, also known as rosalia. This primate species suffered terribly from human invasion: according to some estimates, the monkey lost a whopping 95% of South American habitat, with the arrival of European settlers 600 years ago. The golden lion tamarin weighs no more than one kilogram and has a striking appearance: thick, silky, bright red hair, as well as a dark face, and big brown eyes. The distinctive color of this primate probably depends on the combination of intense sunlight and the abundance of carotenoids contained in its diet.

Not every tourist who came to Brazil would venture on such a trip - a trip to the jungles of Amazonia

Nothing beats the number of vivid impressions with an excursion to Zhau National Park, included in the Central Amazonian conservation complex. Floodplains periodically flooded by the turbulent waters of the Amazon, fantastic 'black rivers' - the local natural conditions appealed to a huge number of plants and animals: the Dairy tree, burdened with sweet tasty fruits, chocolate tree (cocoa), mahogany, ferns, bromelians, and among them lazily hanging , sloths, anteaters, manatees, opossums, armadillos, crocodile and black caimans roam, dart, and frighten rush about.

Beautiful day. During the trip, you can visit the sparsely populated corners of the continent to admire amazing plants, birds and animals. The notorious piranhas, despite their terrible reputation, prefer fruits to human meat, and tea-colored water is one of the cleanest on the planet. Independent travels in Amazonia are not recommended at all: they are simply dangerous because of the abundance of wild animals, poisonous plants and insects. The climate of Amazonia is extremely specific - it is hot and very humid, saturated with evaporation and pollen air difficult breathing.

Even for short trips around the state, long-term acclimatization is required. The territory of the Amazonian jungle is huge, most importantly do not get lost. Keep up with the group during the excursions, do not come close without a guide to animals and birds, even if they seem harmless to you. Do not bathe in unknown reservoirs, do not touch the leaves and stems of unknown plants, they may be poisonous. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating, there is a very high risk of developing intestinal infections. You do not want to spoil your vacation. Vaccination against yellow fever is now not mandatory for all who enter Brazil, but it is better not to risk health, and if you still dare to travel to Amazonia, it is better to do it.

If you get to Brazil and continue to travel around the South American mainland, then one of the most exciting and dangerous adventures will be waiting for you in the Amazonia. The most vivid and unforgettable impressions can be obtained only by recognizing the jungle from the inside, feeling their power and strength, and encountering many dangers and beauties in their path.

Can our planet survive without trees? What happens if there are no forests left on the planet? What is the cause of forest fires? Most powerful forest fires swept through the forests of the Amazon, taking with them what was once considered the lungs of the planet. Indeed, the Amazon rainforest accounts for about 20% of all oxygen production on Earth. The cause of fires is called the anthropogenic factor, or, more precisely, the human impact on the environment. The fact is that Brazilian farmers are still engaged in illegal clearing of territories for grazing cattle and buildings. For clearing, lumberjacks set fire to trees, which led to an unprecedented fire that swept the Amazon.

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