Caribbean vacations. There are a lot of underwater caves and a lot of wrecks

A wide range of hotels with excellent quality and nutrition. All inclusive. Diving in the Caribbean.

In the Caribbean, the best beaches: wide white sandy beaches and a gentle sunset into the sea. It is best to visit the Caribbean from December to May

Snorkeling is the best experience on holiday in tropical seas. You can relax on the water in an underwater mask, with a tube for breathing and swim slowly, lazily pushing with your feet in flippers, watching what is happening below. With a good picture so you can have fun for hours. Aruba is famous for its cleanest beaches, many of which are great for diving and snorkeling. In your mind, a serene ocean of yours draws a bevy of colorful fish and amazing sea creatures. The underwater world of the islands is so rich and diverse in the landscape that special heats for snorkelers are arranged in the most amazing places.

The Caribbean is an amazing, fabulous land that enchants even the most experienced travelers and experienced tourists with its magnificence. Yachts have the opportunity to go into the tiniest coves and bays and stop directly on the smallest islands of the region. Connoisseurs of history and culture will be happy to discover unique cities and centuries-old architectural monuments.

Until the program of space tourism accessible to every person has been launched, diving remains the only activity in the world that can transfer a person to a completely unreal and fantastic world with unusual laws of physics. Diving will open before you the world of unimaginable beauty: the world of coral reefs and the fantastic inhabitants of the underwater world. Mountain climbing, skydiving, many other extreme sports can not be compared with diving. This is completely different, you tell me, how can you compare diving with something else? And you will be absolutely right!

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Caribbean vacations
Modern human pollution of the ocean significantly affects the life of marine animals. The action of mankind has a very negative effect even on the underwater world. In recent years, many species of coral, laminar algae, fish, oysters have significantly disappeared. These are all the consequences of emissions of oil, plastic, carbon dioxide. If people in the same rhythm pollute the oceans, in decades it will all lead to a global catastrophe. If humanity does not seriously deal with this problem, then in less than 100 years the damage will be felt throughout the planet.

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The boundlessness of water horizons, adrenaline and unforgettable vacation, watching exotic creatures, various types of fishing, cruises, exotic cuisine, sweetest nectars. The Caribbean is a paradise for tourists who love beach holidays. You are given a diverse selection: small, large, popular and uninhabited islands. It is an ideal destination for sea cruises, every day you are on a new island and you can discover many interesting things for yourself: tropical forests, volcanic landscapes, coffee and sugar cane plantations.

You will be interested in the colonial past of different countries and their mixed traditions, and the wonderful beaches and the beautiful sea make the holidays on the Caribbean islands unforgettable. You will discover a completely different world - the world of blue water, its inhabitants, lost ships and beautiful underwater landscapes.

You can swim and see the underwater world in any resort town. Among the chain of the Cayman Islands, especially good for snorkeling of Grand Cayman. Visit the legendary Devil's Grotto - snorkeling in this place you will never forget. Transparent waters and easily accessible reefs attract diving fans here. In June, the hurricane season begins, which lasts until the end of October. While traveling at this time, you should be prepared for possible rainfall, strong winds and cyclones.

Photography, marine biology and archeology (mainly shipwrecks) are the most popular hobbies of amateur scuba divers. Dive with scuba diving, if you want to fully understand the planet on which you live. Being engaged in diving, you not only discover for yourself the inaccessible to many new, unknown world, but also find like-minded people and good friends.

As the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, the ocean absorbs more of this substance. Due to this process, the ocean becomes more acidic. The acidity of the ocean affects all, without exception, marine life, but the extent of this influence remains a matter of debate. Recent results by scientists suggest that individuals increase fertility under the influence of increased acidity, which confirms the concept of "winners" and "losers" from climate change at an individual level. This indicates that adaptation to environmental changes is already taking place in the oceans.

Bus-sized squids can live in the depths of the ocean. Recently, a group of scientists, exploring the oceans, discovered squid the size of a passenger bus. Careful observation of marine creatures allowed scientists to conclude about the size of squids exceeding 25 meters. Unusual creatures were discovered at great depths in the ocean. The average size of a rare squid varies from 10 to 20 meters, which is a record for representatives of the ocean species of animals. Scientists have not been able to accurately determine the number of squids that live in the oceans, because creatures are constantly moving and it is impossible to count them.

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