Carpathian Mountains Winter

Unforgettable holidays in the Carpathians are beautiful places and attractions

The Carpathians is a mountain system in the east of Central Europe, on the territory of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania

Length approx. 1500 km Height up to 2655 m (Gerlachowski-Stit). It stretches from the environs of Bratislava to the Iron Gates on the Danube, forming a convex arc to the northeast. It includes the Western, Eastern and Southern Carpathians, the Beskids, the Western Romanian Mountains, the Transylvanian Plateau. It is part of the Alpine folded geosynclinal region. The central zone of the arc consists of the highest in the Carpathians crystalline arrays (Tatras, Fagaras, etc.); the inner belt is represented by volcanic massifs, the outer one is mainly composed of flysch. To a height of 1600-1800 m deciduous and coniferous forests, above - subalpine shrubs and meadows. Summer pastures. Deposits of oil, gas, rock salt, non-ferrous metals. Thermal springs, resorts. National parks, reserves. Tourism; winter sports.

The Slovak Carpathians are called the sonorous word - the Tatras, and the High Tatras are indeed the highest part of the Carpathians. The climate resembles alpine, but many mountains are covered with green spruce forests, so the air here is surprisingly clean and healing. About 50 years ago, these places were declared reserves, and the main resorts are Smokovec, Tatranska Lomnitsa and Strbske Pleso. Coming here is convenient: the resorts are connected by a railway, and not only European tourists like to rest in the High Tatras.

In the Hungarian (Western) Carpathians, there are not so many resorts, but in recent years they have become more and more lively: not only European countries come here, and our compatriots also rate holidays in Hungary very highly. Approximately 100 km from Budapest is the Matra recreation area, in the mountain range of the same name. The mountains here are overgrown with forests of oaks and beeches - the air is clean and healing, and in the summer in the surrounding gardens ripen many fruits. The vineyards of these places are a special topic: here the best wine is made in Hungary, and it is known far beyond the borders of the country - holidaymakers have a great opportunity to try many varieties "in the original".

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Carpathian Mountains Winter
The Serbian Carpathians are beautiful places. Among the resorts in Serbia, Kopaonik is considered the best, but it is located in another mountain range. In the Carpathians, there is another famous ski and climatic resort of the country - Stara Planina. Here is the highest mountain in Serbia - Mizdor, the summit of which is called the Babin Zub - there is a protected nature reserve. Snow lasts almost 5 months, and winter sports are actively developing - the area is considered very promising.

Places in the Carpathians are incredibly beautiful, there are many natural and cultural attractions, and you can come to the Carpathians all year round

The Carpathians is an ancient mountain system, which on the map of Europe is "divided" by many countries, and, of course, in these territories there are a lot of resort areas created specifically for outdoor activities. Ski and health resorts of the Carpathians attract tourists in the first place: the nature here is amazingly beautiful, the level of service is close to Western European, but the rest in general is much cheaper. The Carpathians are located in several countries: Romania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary; to a lesser extent - Serbia and Austria.

Part of the Western Carpathians comes on the territory of Poland - here they are called the Beskids. The famous Polish resort of Szczyrk is located at the foot of two high mountains - Skrzyczne and Klimchok: they say that it is not inferior in terms of service and development to the most famous European resorts, and even surpasses them in the beauty of landscapes. Tourists, and especially skiers, have long appreciated the local mild climate: there is almost no strong wind, and winter temperatures seem very comfortable to residents of various regions.

White Carpathians - a floral paradise. This is a landmark of the Czech Republic - a beautiful national park, in which resorts are located, host many guests for rest and treatment. There are many interesting routes in the mountains: you can go on foot, ride a horse or bicycle, go rafting along the rivers. In winter, excellent conditions for skiers and snowboarders are created - from November to April, and those who do not like to ski on the slopes, can enjoy skiing on the adjacent plains - there routes are also laid. The White Carpathians are rich in rare trees, flowers and herbs: the alpine plant species alone are about 2,000 - flowering in the mountains begins in early spring and lasts until late autumn. Gorgeous beauty, it needs to be seen.

After long boring autumn rains, the beautiful winter comes. The Earth has changed its yellow tones to white. Bare trees were covered with a snow blanket, and the rivers and lakes were covered with ice. The winter landscape is always beautiful and delightful. Winter will never let you get bored, because this is a fabulous time that allows you to see the wonderful first snow. He announces the arrival of winter. Winter is fabulous and charming time of the year. She charms with her beauty. You go outside in the morning, and there everything is wrapped up in snow, everything shines and shimmers. And you stand breathless, viewing the wonderful winter landscape.

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