Slovenia travel. Woman in the restaurant of Castle Bled, overlooking Lake Bled, Slovenia vacations

The landscape of the resort is so magnificent that it was captured on the canvas more than once

Bled is beautiful in summer and winter

In the warm season, the lake warms up to 18-24 degrees Celsius, and freezes only in the coldest winters. By the way, if the water in the lake is firmly covered with ice, then an open-air rink is opened here. Imagine the snowy alpine slopes in the distance, green hills just beyond the lake, architectural monuments and an island, right in the middle of the lake. Well, how can you not fall in love?

There are two urban beaches on the lake, the entrance to the equipped beach (located opposite the Park hotel) is paid, and the unequipped beach (opposite the Villa Bled hotel) is free. As a rule, hotels here do not have their own beaches (an exception is the Grand Toplitsa Hotel). In the summer months, the beaches are pretty crowded. The resort of Bled is located close to Italy and Austria, which you can also visit. Slovenian cuisine combines Slavic, Italian and German-Austrian traditions, making traditional Slovenian dishes truly unforgettable. One could endlessly list all the wonderful dishes from Slovenia, but it is much better for you to visit this wonderful region and try everything yourself.

People are used to the fact that the quality and duration of life is determined by the way of life, ecology, genetic predisposition to various diseases, heredity and the food that we consume. This also includes the general psycho-emotional state, and the "level of happiness." Each of these variables is made up of many components, and its change can give much more consequences than is commonly believed. For example, the quality of nutrition affects the composition of the microflora within us, which, in turn, affects not only the digestion and skin rashes, but also the possibility of developing various diseases, including asthma and atherosclerosis.

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Slovenia travel. Woman in the restaurant of Castle Bled, overlooking Lake Bled, Slovenia vacations.
For most people, the idea of the role of bacteria inside our body comes down to the regulation of digestion, but everything is much more serious: the weight of bacteria inside us can be up to 2 kg of net weight, and they themselves interact closely with the human body, producing anti-inflammatory substances, vitamins (for example, vitamin K2 ). The composition of the microflora of the average European varies quite a lot depending on the type of food.

The lake is fed from several underground thermal springs at once, therefore the water here is considered potable

Bled is one of the most beautiful resorts in Slovenia. A picturesque lake with noble azure water, a small island with a church in the middle of the lake and a Gothic castle on a steep rock - these views attract thousands of tourists here at any time of the year. Despite this, Bled remains a quiet and peaceful place.

The resort has a mountain bike rental service, tennis courts. Near the lake there is a golf center and a farm where you can ride horses. The city has a sports palace with an artificial ice rink, a concert hall, an entertainment center, a casino, and many cafes and restaurants. On the lake you can hire a boat or go fishing. Over the lake rises the ancient castle of Bled of the XI century, where today there is a historical museum and a national restaurant.

One of the most calm and stable countries in Europe, Slovenia will not only charm you with its picturesque landscapes, but also, of course, delicious cuisine. Almost all meals in Slovenia start with cheese. In the markets you can find most famous types of this dairy product. In addition, as a quick snack, you, too, are likely to be offered exactly cheese. One of the traditional first courses is the soup "sour yukha" with pork. Its main feature is a slight sourness, obtained by adding vinegar.

It also has a lot of vegetables. Second courses are very diverse. Often these are delicious sausages that can be sprinkled with onion rings, or served, for example, with horseradish. You can also try the most delicious dish with the intricate name "shtruklyi". When making it, the dough rolled into balls is stuffed with minced meat. By the way, as a filling, you can use anything - vegetables, nuts, or, for example, fruit jam and get an excellent dessert.

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