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Lake Ritsa is one of the best wonders of the Caucasus

Abkhazia is famous for its lakes, of which the most famous and beautiful is Lake Ritsa

Located high in the mountains, at an altitude of 950m above sea level, the deep-water Lake Ritsa never warms even in the hottest month of summer. Abkhazia is an amazing place. Here is a harmonious combination of majestic mountains, picturesque landscapes of wild, in some places untouched nature, unique in its beauty mountain lakes and waterfalls, as well as the beautiful sea and comfortable beaches. As the legend says, God for the observance of the commandment on hospitality gave the Abkhazians a place left for themselves. Divinely place shrouded in ancient legends, where hospitable Abkhazians still live.

The mountain Lake Ritsa delights with its beauty, it can be called one of the most picturesque lakes in the world. It is located high in the mountains in the deep gorge of the rivers Yupshara and Lapishse and covers an area of about 1.27 square kilometers. The depth in the lake is uneven, the average figure is 65 m, but in some places it reaches 130 m. The lake is among the majestic mountains covered with forest. The lake was formed about a quarter of a century ago, as a result of the collapse of Mount Przegishkhva. The collapsed rocks blocked the water flow of the river Lapishse and formed a natural reservoir.

On the way to Lake Ritsa, you will meet two beautiful waterfalls. Waterfall Female tears are small streams of water seeping through the rocks. The waterfall is small, only two meters in height. Making a wish, the girls tie colored ribbons. This is followed by a more impressive waterfall. Men's tears. Its height reaches already 15 meters and represents a powerful jet dislodged between the rocks.

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At the 13th kilometer of the road to Lake Ritsa is located no less beautiful Blue Lake. In the Caucasus, it is considered the cleanest body of water. The water in the lake is so blue and at the same time transparent that it is visible to a depth of 30 meters. Abkhazia is a country with incredibly beautiful nature and a rich history. Caves and gorges, waterfalls and lakes, monasteries and ruins - there are many natural and historical attractions. Some of them are in cities and villages, it is difficult to get to others - by car, somewhere on foot in the mountains, a solo tourist cannot get somewhere without an organized excursion.

Lake Ritsa is the main attraction of Abkhazia. Western Caucasus

This is one of the most visited lakes in the Caucasus. Almost all the guests of Abkhazia and neighboring Sochi and Adler visited it on its shore. About him stacked songs and legends. What is attractive about this mountain lake? First of all, beauty and ease of accessibility. A good asphalt road winding among the rock walls and dense forests connects the resorts of Abkhazia with this miracle of nature. And every day hundreds of tourists go here to take a break from the resort bustle and touch the wild beauty of the Caucasus.

In 1930, Lake Ritz was listed in the "Abkhaz Alps" directory. Since that time, began the tourist "pilgrimage" in these scenic spots. The average water temperature in the lake is about 10 degrees Celsius. But on the hottest days, it can reach up to 20 degrees. An unusual feature of the lake is considered to be the constant change of the water mirror depending on the time of year. In spring and summer, the water has a yellowish-green hue; in autumn and winter it is blue. Legends occupy an honorable place in the cultural heritage of the Abkhaz people. One of them is associated with the emergence of Lake Ritz.

The Abkhazian land, amazing and rich in picturesque natural beauty, is perhaps one of the most interesting places in the Caucasus. Orthodox churches have been standing in this small country for more than a thousand years, and the ancient fortresses still remember the invasion of the Ottoman Turks. At the beginning of the 20th century, Abkhazia began to develop as a resort, in a short time, having won the glory of "Russian Monaco". Amazingly, in such a small area is located a huge number of valuable architectural monuments and natural attractions. Here and Ritsa lake, and the famous New Athos monastery, and Anakopiyskaya fortress. The castle of the Prince of Oldenburg, the legendary restaurant Gagripsh and the Abkhaz State Museum are no less attractive to travelers.

In Abkhazia, there are as many as five dachas of the Soviet leader I.V. Stalin: on the Cold River, 15 km. from Gagra, in the Pitsundo-Musser Preserve, not far from the New Athos monastery, on Lake Ritsa and in Sukhum. Today all the buildings are available for visiting. The father of peoples apparently had a special love for Abkhazia, since he chose to place here such a large number of his residences.

The route to Lake Ritsa passes through the Yupshara Canyon - a natural landmark, which was formed many years ago due to the split of the rock after the earthquake. The height of the rocks of this impressive "stone bag" reaches 400 meters. At the narrowest point of the canyon, it is called Yupsharsky Gate, the distance between the rocks is only 20 meters. From the bottom it seems that the rocks are almost closing, the sunlight gets a little, because of this, the canyon is almost always cool. Between the rocks flows the transparent river Yupshara, which takes the source from Lake Ritsa.

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