Charin canyon, Kazakhstan. Charyn Canyon and the Valley of Castles

Charyn Canyon National Nature Park

One of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan - the Charyn canyon - is located on the spurs of the Tien Shan, two hundred kilometers from Almaty

Charyn Canyon is a state national natural park, the area of which is comparable with the territory of a country like the Czech Republic. The nature of Kazakhstan is unique. Here deserts adjoin to dense forests, and high mountains - to plains and hollows. Many of the natural monuments are connected with many stories and legends. In this respect, primacy belongs to the Charyn canyon. Its red-black rocks delight and frighten travelers at the same time.

Nature has created in the desert plain a unique landscape that attracts many tourists. The length of the canyon is 154 km along the Charyn River, and the height of steep mountains reaches 150-300 meters. In the Charyn canyon is the famous Ash grove, where rare Sogdian ash grows.

Most often, tourists visit the "Valley of Castles". Their interest is attracted by giant stone figures that resemble ancient buildings. At sunset, the sun's rays emphasize the reddish, almost mystical shade of the rocks. At first this place may seem lifeless. However, this is not the case. More than sixty species of mammals, about a hundred species of various birds and twenty-five species of reptiles live here.

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Charin canyon, Kazakhstan

Travel to Kazakhstan and the mountains of Tien Shan will give you a kaleidoscope of emotions

The Martian view of the Charyn Canyon and the peaks of the Tien Shan mountains that cut the sky are very close to each other, but the landscapes are from different planets. Charyn canyon is a natural treasury. Here grows one and a half thousand species of plants. Seventeen of them are endangered. A special place in the nature of the canyon is occupied by the Sogdian ash grove.

It which survived after the Great icing ten thousand years ago. Such trees grow only in a few places on the planet. For the first time approaching the canyon, you understand why mystical features are attributed to it. The majestic view of the Earthly rift could not but generate in the minds of our ancestors various superstitions and guesses.

The Charyn Canyon (Sharyn - in Kazakh) is located on the territory of the Charyn National Park and is composed of sedimentary rocks, which are about 12 million years old. For many centuries, water has hewn a large number of caves, arches and grottoes in the rocks. Huge boulders, towering above the ground, resemble the heads of ancient stone giants who are about to wake up.

Tourists are advised to go to the Charyn Canyon in the spring (late March and early May) and in the fall (late August - early November). If you want to spend the night in nature, stock up on drinking water and firewood. Note also that you have to go to the nearest hotel 50 km to Chundzhi or 75 km to Baiseit.

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