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According to various estimates, there are from 100 to 300 monuments of history and architecture

Suzdal was first mentioned in the annals in 1024

Suzdal is a city in which ancient objects and modern comfort are easily combined, the lightness of wooden houses and the monumentality of the walls of monasteries. Despite the abundance of temples and exhibitions, Suzdal for many is not only a city of museums and monasteries, but also beautiful views. The fact is that it is located on a flat place - Suzdal Opole, but at the same time it has several high places, from where you can admire the landscape architecture of a city untouched by modern high-rise buildings. In the middle of the XI century, Suzdal became a major trade and craft center, because was on the river Kamenka, which in those days passed the trade route. During the reign of Yuri Dolgoruky, Suzdal became the capital of the Rostov-Suzdal principality.

The museum of wooden architecture and peasant life is a collection of wooden monuments of architecture from different eras. Here, in the place of the ancient non-preserved Dmitrievsky monastery, the most interesting wooden buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries from the villages of the Vladimir region were brought. This is how the open-air museum appeared - the "village" with the Transfiguration and Resurrection churches, peasant huts, farm buildings, barns, sheepfolds, a well, windmills.

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Church Edifice, Suzdal

The city (if it can be called a city in its modern sense) is only 25 kilometers north of Vladimir, and about 220 km from Moscow

Guests from many cities of Russia and from abroad come to Suzdal on Maslenitsa. A rich entertainment program will be presented to the attention of tourists. Fun farewell Maslenitsa will be held on the territory of the Museum of wooden architecture and peasant life. Guests are waiting for folklore performances, goose fights, horseback riding. Anyone can take part in fun contests and youth competitions. And of course, as without refreshments at Shrovetide? Pancakes with heat, heat, pies, branded mead - without this there is no carnival in Suzdal.

In 1992, the Nativity Cathedral was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal. It so happened that in Suzdal where you will not go - you will not get away from the mead. Suzdal mead is sold everywhere and everywhere, it is tasted at every step, every seller has a huge assortment on trays, in every store she is in a central place.

Suzdal Mead is a traditional souvenir, which is simply obliged to grab home with everyone who has visited Suzdal. Mead is a low alcohol drink on honey. Medovukha is made at the Suzdal Medovarian Plant by a special technology, only from natural products. And she really is very tasty. There are several types of mead of different strength, without additives and with different additives (for example, with cinnamon, with rosehip).

Suzdal is one of the most beautiful Russian cities, located in the Vladimir region; city-reserve, whose age is more than a thousand years. Suzdal is a city-museum, because such a number of monuments of the history of Russia, as well as extant ancient buildings, unique churches and objects of wooden architecture are not found anywhere. In Suzdal, as in many other tourist centers, excursions to the sights are conducted by professional experienced guides, whose services can be used by both the group and the individual tourist.

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