Cityscape, old Prague. Travel to the Czech Republic

Streets of old Prague. Charming Prague.

The center of Prague is an amazing place where you can walk for a very, very long time

The streets of Prague are one big movie set. You do not even need to build up the route of your walks in advance, because in a day you will be able to bypass almost the entire old city. Be sure to stroll along the most beautiful bridges of the city, which connect the two banks of the river. There are a lot of tourists in the center of Prague, who come to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this place, so tourists who walk along the streets of the city will always be near you.

Famous bridges, squares, narrow streets, the majestic castles of Prague - all this is within walking distance, but be prepared for the fact that in one day you will pass 7 - 10 km. Be sure to climb up the cable car up to the observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the old city. Photogenic city! This is Prague! She is good in any angle and color, at any time of the day. Movie bus travels around Prague - a mobile cinema that shows domestic and foreign films to Prague citizens for free. In an improvised mobile cinema with 200 seats, viewers can take advantage of the warm blanket, if the evening will be cool. It belongs to the cinema bus of the Prague transport company.

Do not be lazy to walk a few kilometers to the other side to see the greatest Prague castle. This is just a spectacular sight. In addition to the castle itself, which makes a lasting impression, you can get into the moment when the changing of the guard begins. And it is also worth seeing with your own eyes. Music. Classical and modern, of any directions, constant open-air, organ concerts in churches, jazz concerts, young groups playing and singing at almost every corner, street musicians playing on everything that comes handy. And then there is the Kryzhikovs - singing fountains - an amazing light-water-music show.

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Cityscape, old Prague
Charming Prague. Old houses of unreal beauty, paving stones, streets with large and small windows, numerous cafes, restaurants and a wide variety of lanterns. Parks, gardens and hills. Prague is considered to be the capital of parks and gardens. Gastronomy. Here you will not stay hungry. The portions are huge. You can find any dish of any world cuisine: Hungarian goulash, Russian borsch, pizza, Chinese and Thai cuisine, and of course traditional beer with Czech beer and Czech cuisine: dumplings, wild boar, garlic soup and everything with blueberries - sauces.

Prague aerial view

Most of the tourists begin their first acquaintance with Prague from the Old Town, in order to see everything at once, a better place than the Petrin Lookout Tower cannot be found. A hill with beautiful parks and gardens spread on the right bank of the Vltava. In order to enjoy this unique city, you need a few days. Undoubtedly, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities on our planet. From above, she is like a fairytale country of Liliput people. Miniature buildings, cathedrals, bridges, houses, squares and even Vltava, like one huge canvas that you want to look at, stopping to look at the smallest details.

Prague is often called a magical city, and all because many of the streets of the Old Town keep their mystical secrets. Slowly walking through the narrow streets, not hurrying to look at the bridges and watch with interest what the locals are arranging for tourists, you will not notice how you yourself will become a little calmer and more harmonious. Calm and special friendly atmosphere. Prague is the metropolis of all. Here you really feel like a citizen of the world, constantly hear conversations in different languages, you see people of all possible nationalities, you meet many beautiful and interesting people every hour.

If you want to see the real Prague flavor and try the local food, then I recommend walking a few streets away from the old town, where you will find many cafes where local residents dine. It is in this cafe that you will be surprised and conquered by local customs, as well as delicious food. Feel free to order Czech draft beer, pork and dumplings. Even if you are very hungry, I advise you to take only one dish for two, because the knuckles and dumplings together simply do not fit in your stomach - this is really a lot for one. If you are traveling by car in Europe, then try to choose hotels on the outskirts of the city, because it is quite problematic to park a car in the center of any large city.

Prague is an amazingly beautiful, unique Old Town, a true medieval fairy tale with the smell of an exceptionally tourist delicacy - vanilla Tryndl (trdelnik). It seems that you are lost somewhere in the centuries. The history here meets the tourist at every turn, small streets, houses with amazing signs. Beauty is in the details. Paving stone Wenceslas Square. The Charles Bridge. The Powder Tower, the Prague Astronomical Clock - the Eagle, St. Vitus Cathedral, churches, Vysehrad... You can continue indefinitely. Old Prague is a real open-air museum. Every tourist should definitely see it with his own eyes and at least once slowly stroll through this city.

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