Copenhagen tourism. Mermaid monument. National Symbol of Denmark

"Little Mermaid" has become one of the most famous fairy tales of Andersen

One of the most famous symbols of Copenhagen (and, perhaps, the whole of Denmark) in the world is the bronze Mermaid

The idea of creating a sculpture of the heroine of the fairy tale of the same name by G. H. Andersen came up with Karl Jacobsen. The son of the creator of the Karlsberg brewery, impressed by the Little Mermaid ballet, suggested that the ballerina, who performed the main part, pose for sculptor Edward Eriksen. Ellen Price agreed, but with only one condition: the naked body was sculpted not from her, but from Edward's wife.

A bronze girl from the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen has been sitting on the shores of Copenhagen for some 100 years. But ask anyone today what he knows about the capital of Denmark, and, almost certainly, the first thing he remembers will be the little Mermaid.

The coastline of Denmark is more than 7 thousand kilometers and boasts magnificent sandy beaches. A short summer is no reason to deny yourself a rest. There are more than seven hundred beaches in the country, slightly less than half of them are marked with the Blue Flag. The beaches of Denmark are very clean and well equipped. Amager Beach is located near Copenhagen, and you can get here by public transport. The beaches on the island of Funen are popular for family holidays. Not far from the town of Esbjerg are picturesque beaches, surrounded by sandy dunes. On the island of Falster there is a beach that has been recognized as the best in Denmark for three years in a row. In Sejero Bay, there is a beach where beginner windsurfers and kiters like to gather.

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Copenhagen tourism. Mermaid monument. National Symbol of Denmark.
Accommodation of tourists in Denmark is not the cheapest. The most budget option - hostels. Hotels in Denmark are quite expensive, but they are fully consistent with their level, if it is stated that the hotel is five-star, then it will be five-star. Hotel rooms can be booked in advance via the Internet.

August 23, 1913. The Bronze Mermaid with a height of 1.25 m was installed at the entrance to the bay, on the Langelinie embankment

In a snowy period, Denmark offers to spend unforgettable New Year holidays in the fabulous capital of Copenhagen or the rich sights of Aarhus. Or go to Odense - the city where perhaps the most famous storyteller in the world was born - Hans Christian Andersen. In addition, winter Denmark attracts lovers of cruises - a New Year's trip by ferry with a visit to several Scandinavian countries will bring real pleasure to both adults and children.

In the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, there are almost no skyscrapers, but there are historical sights, most of which are concentrated in the Old Center. Writers and artists inhabit the Nyhavn district, students and immigrants inhabit Norrebro, Vesterbro is famous for its ecclesiastical institutions, and Osterbro for its elegant buildings. Danes believe that while the Little Mermaid is sitting in the port of the capital, everything will be fine in the country.

Tourism in Denmark. This country has everything for outdoor activities. Danish tourism is developing in several directions and makes a significant contribution to the country's economy. For example, fishing is a priority for ecotourism. Lollan Island is perfect for this type of holiday. Here are the magnificent white cliffs of Mens-Klint, and you can fish from special vessels, from kayaks or from the shore. The resorts of Denmark are also represented by small villages with sandy beaches and dunes, where you can practice various water sports.

Denmark is a land of opportunity. This is reflected in the tourism activities of the country. Tours of Denmark are designed for a variety of travelers. In summer, professional fishing tours are popular. Family tours to Legoland are in great demand. For lovers of a relaxing holiday a cruise tour aboard a huge snow-white liner will be an excellent choice.

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