Cuba Caribbean Vacation. First-class hotels, white beaches, crystal-clear water and magnificent sea reefs

The main resort centers are located in Havana, Varadero, Cayo Coque, Holguin

On these beaches you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also engage in many water sports and fishing

When going on a trip to Cuba, it is important to know in advance where the best beaches on this island are in order to choose a hotel somewhere near them. Of course, much will depend on exactly what kind of recreation you prefer: pleasant doing nothing, lying in a hammock on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, sailing in crystal clear turquoise water among varicolored tropical fish and corals, kitesurfing, fishing, sailing on a yacht or maybe something more exotic. In any case, in Cuba you will find a suitable beach.

The most beautiful and the most snow-white beach of Cuba is Playa Pilar, where Hemingway loved to come. The wide coral beaches of the neighboring island of Cayo Coco are not inferior to Playa Pilar beach in beauty, the sand on them is white and fine, like flour. Cayo Guillermo also has gorgeous beaches, but the wind often walks here, and therefore some of them have been chosen by kiters and other sailing enthusiasts. On the beaches of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guiermo there are all conditions for a great unforgettable vacation. These islands are true heavenly Caribbean pearls.

Varadero is the main diving center of the island of Freedom, where there are more than twenty specialized schools, teaching scuba diving. Varadero stretched a white stripe for twenty kilometers, enticing people from all over the world. There is more entertainment here than anywhere else in Cuba, but there are also more tourists, respectively.

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Cuba Caribbean Vacation

The best beaches of Cuba

Cayo Santa Maria is one of the most luxurious places in Cuba, whose coral beaches with their beauty amaze your imagination even more than prices in local hotels. The beaches of Santa Lucia will suit those tourists who want solitude and silence, those who want to merge with virgin Caribbean nature for a while. There are no noisy holidays, but there is true beauty. Playa La Boca beach is the most beautiful beach in the vicinity of Santa Lucia. Someday expensive hotels will be built here and this will be one of the best resorts in Cuba.

The beaches of Playa Larga, on the one hand, are entwined with the laurels of past victories of the Cuban army in the Bay of Pigs, and on the other, these are some of the best beaches of Cuba on the Caribbean coast. If you like snorkeling, then you should definitely go to the area of Playa Chiron, where some of the best beaches in Cuba with coral reefs and rich underwater life.

The island of Cuba is located in the north of the Caribbean, it is the largest island in the Caribbean. International festivals of Latin American cinema and jazz, the most noisy, colorful and very bright carnivals, many cozy cafes and restaurants. Most historical sites are located in Havana. On the coast near Havana, built many villas and hotels for every taste, tourist complexes with excellent service and friendly staff. Best affordable getaways. Do not miss a single sunset. They are fantastic here. Do not regret one hour in the evening, go ashore and walk along the endless surf line. This is magic.

Cuba is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes, but also for its delicious food. Traditional Cuban cuisine is primarily peasant cuisine. Cuba is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes, but also for its delicious food. Because of the colonization and slave trade, Cuban cuisine is a mixture of Spanish and African influence. Spanish colonizers brought citrus fruits, rice and vegetables, and African slaves experimented with manioc and corn. In Cuba, many restaurants serving traditional dishes.

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