Dombai in winter, Russia

A tour to Dombai is a great idea for a winter holiday

Dombai is first of all a winter resort, at this time of year the majority of tourists come here

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, your soul asks for peace, the beauty of picturesque natural landscapes, go to such an amazing place where, forgetting everything, you will be left alone with the greatness of the mountains, plunge into their fabulous depths and yourself a renewed person. Although the service here cannot be called European in any way (for example, in Krasnaya Polyana everything is much more civilized), Dombai in the winter attracts with its originality, various tracks and simply amazing peaks of the snowy Main Caucasus Range. Winter in Dombai is amazing: mild, snowy, many sunny days, thaws often occur. The average temperature in Dombai glade is -5 degrees Celsius. The ski season begins in December.

Ski vacation is expensive? On the one hand, this is true, but on the other, not quite. If you go to the peak season, to the popular station, buy skis and a suit for them in the latest fashion, then the rest will cost you a pretty penny (unless your grandmother has her chalet in Courchevel, then everything is easier for you). And if you look at the tour at a less well-advertised but reputable resort, and even book your own flight and accommodation yourself, then the skiing pleasure may not be as expensive as it is considered to be. Add here self-catering without restaurants and half-board in hotels and your ski vacation will be even cheaper! According to reviews of tourists, some of them begin to ride in late November and end in May. Snow usually falls to 2 meters, and it lasts until the beginning of April (at low altitudes) and until the beginning of May at a height. February and March are considered the velvet skating season.

In Dombay in winter excursions, hikes and entertainment are somewhat limited due to the snow: tourists no longer go to the waterfalls and go up to the glacier. Nevertheless, there are plenty of entertainment: you can ride a snowmobile, sled, ski, snowboard. In Dombay, holidaymakers practice freeride and heli-skiing. Almost every hotel offers some leisure activities, such as billiards, sauna, bowling. The village has a sauna, karaoke and discos, as well as many cafes and restaurants where in the evening you can relax over a cup of hot mulled wine or tea on mountain herbs with honey.

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Dombai in winter, Russia
The winter cold binds the rivers and lakes, hiding the water under the ice, sleeps the forest with snow and completely transforms the natural landscape. Winter loves white color and perfect purity. How good it is to walk in the winter, when in the frosty air you can hear the snow creaking under your feet! Ski vacation is a great time to spend it with the whole family. Nothing brings together members of the same family and does not leave such bright and wonderful impressions for the rest of their lives, like a vacation spent together. And the ski resorts create for the family rest a unique warm atmosphere (you have to warm up to the maximum with the warmth of each other in such a cold climate) and give a lot of opportunities for entertainment for everyone, young and old. Be sure, at least once in your life, spend a holiday in the ski resort with the whole family and you will never forget it.

Dombai is amazingly good at all times of the year

Tourists who visited there in winter, spring and summer say that they will not have enough strength to write all the impressions about each trip, it surprises with lush vegetation, eternal ice, picturesque valleys and inaccessible rocks. If we talk about the attractions of Dombai in the winter, the most important thing to see is the Main Caucasus Range. Tourists should climb to the top of the mountain Moussa-Achitara on the cable car and enjoy the views. Tourists often "hang out" on the Meadows of the Parties (the so-called "Dombai Vegas"), which is between 4 and 5 lines: there are high-rise cafes and panoramic restaurants. There is an opportunity to fly on a paraglider and ride horses.

Dombai is a picturesque place in Karachay-Cherkessia in the Teberda basin in the North Caucasus. Dombay combines the beauty of nature, ski resort and adventure. Dombai is a land of untouched nature, snowy tops of mountains and forests. Athletes and walkers are keen to come here. Dombai valley, on which the resort village is located, is surrounded by mountain ranges. On the south side, this is the Main Caucasus Range, on the east side, the Dombay-Ulgen gorge, on the north side, the Amanauz gorge, and Alibek gorge, on the west side.

Teberdinsky reserve covers an area of 85 thousand hectares on the northern slope of the Caucasus Mountains. Dombai valley, in which holidaymakers stay, is the southern part of the Teberdinsky nature reserve. On the territory of the reserve there are many beautiful places where tourists should go in their free time. These are mysterious gorges, observation platforms, snow peaks, glaciers and lakes. There are about 150 lakes in the reserve, and the most famous of them is Lake Klukhor. It is located at an altitude of 2676 m above sea level and is covered with ice almost all year round. And the main river of the reserve - Teberda is associated with legends and stories. According to one of them, the name means "God's gift.".

Every person who loves outdoor activities has their own ways to enjoy life. However, ski holidays - it is almost universal formula for active recreation in winter and summer, and in general at any time of the year. The one who got up on skis at a good resort once falls in love with this sport, and with the help of it rests further. After all, nothing is better than sliding down a snow-covered hill on skis or sleds. And therefore, we pack our leather travel bags and go ahead, to Dombai, for health and positive emotions! As a rule, at most ski resorts they develop a separate cycle of occupations for vacationers, not related to skiing or snowboarding. You can divide this fun into ice-snow and non-ice-snow. Of the first ones, sledding (as well as a dozen other devices designed to get the tourist out of the snow mountain as fun as possible), snowshoeing tours, snowmobile tours, dog sledding rides, horse-drawn sleigh rides, conquering ice-covered mountains, ice skating, cross-country skiing and much more.

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