Dominican republic resorts. Swimming pool in Dominican Republic hotel. Caribbean vacations

The Republic attracts numerous tourists - lovers of a calm and measured beach holiday, fans of diving and walks in the mountains

The Dominican Republic is a fertile land spread out in the east of the island of Haiti, surrounded by the waves of the Caribbean Sea

The capital is the sultry Santo Domingo, the birthplace of reference cigars, the cradle of incendiary merengue. Traditional Creole cuisine is a combination of European, African and Caribbean culinary traditions using local produce. It is based on the extensive use of legumes, bananas and vegetables (including exotic ones) in original combinations with meat and fish. Traditional dishes are, for example, bandera - meat stew, fried bananas, beans, rice and lettuce, asopao thick soup and fried puerco en puyea pork. But fish and seafood, despite the island status of the Dominican Republic, are not very popular in the country.

The national drink of the Dominican Republic is rum, more than 15 varieties are produced here. The most popular are Brugal, Barcelo and Bermudes. Every year in late January - February, huge humpback whales swim to the shores of the Dominican Republic, more precisely to the Samana Peninsula. The length of some of them reaches 17-18 meters, and the average weight is about 30 tons. According to various estimates, up to five thousand whales gather from Samana during the mating season. They are not afraid of people, calmly swim to the tourist boats.

If you do not want to bother yourself with finding a suitable place to relax, looking through all the options, go to the capital. Santo Domingo offers comfortable rest to all the categories listed above. In the capital of the Dominican Republic many attractions. First, it is the legendary fortress of Sant Diego, which is surrounded by various historical monuments. Secondly, in Santo Domingo, you can visit the lighthouse Faro-o-Colon, where the remains of the great navigator Christopher Columbus are stored. Thirdly, museums of historical value are located in the capital of an island state.

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Dominican republic resorts. Swimming pool in Dominican Republic hotel. Caribbean vacations

The nature of the Dominican Republic is typical of the tropics - palm and mango paradise, white, as if sifted through a fine sieve, sand beaches and the sun all year round

Where is the best place to relax in the Dominican Republic? The Dominican Republic offers a multi-faceted holiday. Bachelors, couples with children, followers of extreme sports, lovers of high art come here. Tropical country is replete with stunning white beaches, a variety of unique attractions, exclusive natural sites. What you see in the Dominican Republic, will not offer any other country in the world! But in order to truly enjoy the rest and get a portion of cool emotions, you need to know where to rest in the Dominican Republic. Each resort town has its own characteristics.

Diving in the Dominican Republic: all the colors of the underwater world. The Dominican Republic is a unique direction for diving. Coral reefs are found throughout the coastline, and the softness of the crystal waters and the wonderful climate make scuba diving pleasant at any time of the year. The underwater world of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Dominican Republic gives opportunities for every taste: you can contemplate the richness of underwater flora and fauna, explore underwater caves and tunnels, or explore sunken ships, witnesses of long-time sea battles.

Dominican hotels have been working on the All Inclusive system for more than a decade. Dominicana is one of the few countries where any resort is adapted for young travelers. The most convenient way to relax with your child in the resort of Boca Chica: you can reach it from the airport in just half an hour. The beaches are absolutely safe for children. The maximum depth of the water off the coast is one and a half meters.

The sea in this place is calm, the waves and winds practically do not bother the guests. Most hotels have playgrounds, swimming pools, where children are entertained by animators. In the Dominican Republic a lot of interesting and outside the hotel. Most entertainment in the capital of the republic - Santo Domingo - and one of the major cities, Punta Cana. With children, you should visit the Manati theme park. It is located in Bavaro and is a large park of 800 square meters. The name of the park is translated from Spanish as "manatee", however, it is impossible to find manatees in it. But in the park there are hundreds of other species of tropical animals.

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