Fiji resorts. Sunset on Malola Island, Fiji. Palm tree and beach with a woman walking in to the sunset. Fiji holidays. Time for chillout

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The amazing island of Malolo, Fiji - a beautiful island with amazing nature and beautiful sunny beaches

Malolo Island is part of the Mamanuka Island Group in Fiji, and is located 25 km from Viti-Letu. Fiji is one of the most developed one in tourism among the island countries of Oceania. People from all over the world come to Malolo to enjoy the magnificent sandy beaches, clear ocean water and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. For tourists, comfortable hotels are open, where you can enjoy elegant rooms decorated in the traditional Fijian style.

Lovers of scuba diving and spearfishing, boarding, water skiing and kayaking will have a great time here. At Malolo, you can go diving, snorkeling and other water sports, visit a traditional Melanesian village and get acquainted with the life and rituals of the native Fiji residents, stroll around the island or simply lie on the beach under the rays of the tropical sun and swim in the crystal clear ocean water. The second most popular sport on Mamanuk is surfing. Waves are waiting for tanned guys and sports girls with an armpit board in the southwest of Malolo.

The islands of Fiji are among those countries that are rarely interested in someone other than those who already live here. Perhaps in vain - this is a very interesting place, and it is definitely worth a visit here at least once in your life. The archipelago of Fiji includes 332 islands, of which about a third of all the islands are inhabited. The highest point in Fiji is Mount Tomanivi, whose summit reaches 1,324 meters above sea level.

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Fiji resorts. Sunset on Malola Island, Fiji. Palm tree and beach with a woman walking in to the sunset. Fiji holidays
In Fiji is the date line - the 180th meridian. About 87% of the population lives on the two largest islands of the archipelago. On the islands of Fiji there are rivers and lakes, but due to the lack of fresh water, Fijians collect rainwater from roofs in special reservoirs. The most popular sport in Fiji is rugby. An interesting fact - sunglasses in Fiji are prohibited, as are hats. Only leaders can wear them. Tipping on the islands of Fiji can be regarded as disrespect.

This is a very beautiful island, where you can relax from the stresses of modern life and sunbathe on the beach in peace and quiet

This island will be your personal paradise. The island's restaurants offer dishes prepared in the best traditions of the Pacific region. Best summer vacations. Always take warm clothes with you, even when traveling to a hot country. Weather everywhere can change suddenly. Fiji has a unique ecosystem. Dense tropical forests and mountain rivers are a wonderful basis for the development of ecotourism on the islands of Taveuni, or Viti Levu in Abaka Park, rafting or kayaking on the rivers raging in the gorges of the Namosi Mountains.

Blissful memories. The natives of Fiji, there is an old legend, which states that the island of Malolo was created by the gods so that the sun could rest here after a daily journey through the sky. Nowadays, these ancient legends are preserved in the symbolism of the island - its symbol is still the sun. Also on Malolo excellent trekking trails to the top of the island, offering breathtaking views of the chain islands of Mamanuka and Yasawa.

Every adventure is a story to tell. Cocktail "Sunset in Fiji". Those who decide to visit the islands of Fiji may not linger on any one of the islands, and spend several days on each - then it will not be boring for sure. Fiji uninhabited islands of small size. So, the worldwide famous Bichkamber Island, the most crowded place, can hold only 140 people at a time, and you can walk around it in just 6 minutes.

All residents of Fiji are extremely friendly and hospitable people who love their lives and are happy to take tourists. Here women are treated with respect. However, all the homework rests on the fragile shoulders of Fijian women. However, no man in Fiji is slacking around. After all, his sacred duty is the maintenance of the family and its provision of food. If you were invited to visit, do not forget that you must bring with you a present that is presented to the leader of the settlement to which you come or the owner of the house. A traditional gift is a bag of dried root Yangon - a local plant. Its weight should be about half a kilogram. If for any reason you cannot give such a gift, then acquire something that will be equal in value. In no case can not refuse a gift, here it is considered a cruel insult. Any gift received from any person should be refunded with a return gift a little later.

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