Seattle tourism. Fly to Seattle

Seattle Holidays. The city has the glory of the coffee homeland.

Seattle is one of the largest cities on the west coast of the United States, the largest in the state of Washington

Thanks to the lush greenery all year round and the turquoise lakes in Seattle County has the unofficial title of "Emerald City". Starting from the symbol of the city - the Space Needle, and ending with other technically modern attractions, Seattle is always looking to the future. Every year the number of luxury hotels, elite restaurants and art galleries only increases. And music was, is and will be an integral part of urban life. In Seattle, a huge number of different musical cafes, bars, clubs and street scenes. The city is recognized as the birthplace of such a musical direction as grunge, and forever associated with the name of the famous musician Kurt Cobain. In addition, it is the center of theatrical art in America. All this makes Seattle very attractive for tourists from all over the world.

Seattle is known for its skyscrapers. The symbol of the city is the 160-meter-long Space Needle Tower, which is only inferior in height to Columbia Center. Here is the popular spinning restaurant "Sky City", allowing not only to enjoy a delicious dinner, but also to admire the changing urban views. Smith Tower is the third tallest building in Seattle and the oldest. It was built in 1914. Like all high-rises in the city has its own viewing platform.

Seattle has become for many businessmen a place of realization of their American dream. When Silicon Valley was not yet there, companies had already appeared, with which many later became associated with the United States. First of all, this is aerospace giant Boeing, which was founded precisely in Seattle as The Pacific Aero Products Company. Now it is Boeing, Microsoft and that are the main employers of the Seattle metropolitan area. In addition to them, a number of well-known companies are based here, for example, the American divisions of Nintendo and T-Mobile, the game developer Valve and many others. And, of course, speaking of Seattle, it is impossible not to mention coffee. After all, it was here in 1971 that Starbucks coffeehouse was spread across the planet at a wild speed.

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Seattle tourism. Fly to Seattle

The pearl of the Pacific Northwest, the seaport, one of the largest cities in the United States of America, and the largest in the state of Washington - it's all about Seattle

The Space Needle Tower is a symbol of the city and is famous for its observation platform at a height of 160 meters, from which you can admire the urban beauty of the American city. The tower was built in 1962, when the city hosted the world exhibition EXPO62. Seattle is a very green city, famous for its many beautiful parks and squares. Be sure to stroll along the city's promenade.

Worth visiting Kubota garden. Waterfalls, sakura trees and a lot of interesting things are waiting for you here. This is one of the favorite places of recreation of citizens and tourists. Attention deserves the city park Woodland and, occupying most of it, a zoo where over a thousand species of animals live, many of them on the verge of extinction. The best time to visit Seattle is from May to October.

Despite the relatively cold weather, winter is a great time for snow trekking on Mount Rainier and snowboarding and skiing. A successful decision to use the territory above the highway created a precedent for other American cities where they began to build parks above the highway, tunnels and subway routes. The basis of the local cuisine is seafood.

Seattle is a special city, with its charm and character. The people of Seattle have their own traditions and, if you're lucky, you can meet them. The streets of the old part of the city cherish memories and interesting urban stories, houses and ask in the camera lens. If your tour will begin in Seattle - do not take the time, go around all the sights and cozy parks, slowly drink coffee in urban coffee houses, plan further trips.

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