Galapagos vacations. Puerto Egas, James Island, Galapagos. Ecuador tourism - Galapagos Sea Lions. Galapagos tours

Why travel is good for your health. Great trip to the Galapagos Islands.

This world is absolutely not similar to what people usually used to see. There is no such abundance of frightened beasts, perhaps nowhere else

Such landscapes - combining both tropical thickets and waterless desert - are also nowhere to be found. The Galapagos Islands are unique, and the person feels different here. Far from civilization, partially uninhabited, the Galapagos Islands, which preserved the unique nature, are one of the most ancient ecosystems on the planet. Until the middle of the XVI century, the human foot did not step on the archipelago, and many animals and birds, such as the land iguana, ivory and green turtles, sea cucumbers, Galapagos penguin, blue-footed booby, finches, Galapagos buzzards, cormorant, and sea lion - survived only in these places.

Why not go on an exciting journey through the Galapagos Islands, famous for its endemic flora and fauna. The purest white beaches, ideal for swimming and snorkeling, a huge variety of birds, funny penguins, ubiquitous sea lions, giant turtles, tropical fish of bright colors - this is enough to get a lot of impressions from the trip.

A tour of the Galapagos Islands includes boat trips and snorkelling. Unforgettable tours to the luxurious Galapagos Islands. The peculiarity of the location of the islands is the presence of five different currents here - warm and cold, the meeting of which leads to the appearance of Galapagos whirlpools. Galapagos swirls, local nature, a variety of fish and birds, sea lions and seals, turtles and iguanas attract tourists from all over the world every year. Most of them come here to dive.

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Galapagos vacations. Puerto Egas, James Island, Galapagos. Ecuador tourism - Galapagos Sea Lions. Galapagos tours.

The Galapagos Islands are known worldwide as a paradise inhabited by unique species of birds and animals, which can only be found near these lands, and as an ideal place for diving

In the Galapagos, both Galapagos sea lion and Galapagos fur seals live. Both are endemic to the Galapagos, and tourists are often confused by them, thinking, for example, that they were photographed with sea lions, although in reality sea lions are more difficult to see on Galapagos than fur seals, let alone capture it at the camera. Galapagos fur seals mainly feed on numerous fish and cephalopods. They do not migrate, spends all their life near the islands.

The higher the degree of isolation of the local fauna, the more pronounced are its specific features, including differences from other faunas. On this basis, island faunas have the greatest specificity, isolated from other faunas insurmountable for most animals. The history of the study of island faunas is as long as the history of zoogeography itself.

In general, the most characteristic features of island faunas include the following: poverty of species composition, defectiveness, high level of endemism, presence of a large number of ancient and relict taxa. The degree of manifestation of these features depends on many factors - the type of island (the most volcanic islands are most specific in this respect), its age (that is, the duration of isolation of the island fauna), distance from the mainland.

Do you know that in the world there are giant lizards that can attack a huge buffalo and eat it? Surprisingly, there are such animals. There are about 80 species in total - these unique animals are the most important predators on some islands and even attack people. Even more surprisingly, they are quite ancient predators and lived even 18 million years ago. But how could they survive to our times? Most often, lizards can be found on the Indonesian island of Komodo, so those who want to look at unusual animals and go to this place. Given that humanity itself, without realizing it, destroys nature, it is amazing how a rather rare species of lizards could survive to this day.

Komodo monitor lizards are indeed the largest lizards in the world - their body length reaches 3 meters and weight is 130 kilograms. In addition to a huge and heavy body, they are notable for their long and deeply forked tongue. Very unusual traits for a lizard, isn't it? Given that lizards often attack pets and even people are not surprised that they are called dragons. Lizards almost never get sick because they have a surprisingly strong immune system. In one study, biologists found that the mouth of huge lizards is a storehouse of all kinds of bacteria. Such a number of microbes could kill a person, but monitor lizards are not afraid of their impact.

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