Girl on Thai beach. Tropical beach chaise lounge. Thailand island vacation

Which beach in Thailand to choose. Best white sand beaches in the world.

The coast of Thailand stretches for thousands of kilometers and is washed by two seas - Andaman and South China (in the Gulf of Siam)

Holidays in Thailand are night parties, exotic food and of course, the warm sea. The coast of Thailand is so diverse that everyone will find here a paradise for himself: a fan of wild rest, and a lover of comfort with all the amenities (sun loungers, parasols, restaurants on the coast, expensive hotels). Whatever resorts in Thailand you choose, you are guaranteed an exciting vacation near the gentle waves of the ocean and among the magnificence of exotic landscapes. You can look at beautiful photos for a long time, but it's better to see it all with your own eyes.

Here is a sample list of the best resorts in the country. Pattaya is a fun, partly casual place for adventure lovers. Phuket is the most popular and most popular island with a developed infrastructure and beautiful landscapes. Krabi - a place of rest, beloved by Europeans, for comfortable privacy. Bangkok is a motley capital and a center for shopping and sightseeing. Samui is the best resort of Thailand for staying among pristine nature. Phangan - a noisy, youth island, with one of the budget. Koh Chang is a beach resort in Thailand for a relaxing and romantic pastime near the sea. Hua Hin is a very respectable place. Chiang Mai is the best resort of Thailand for your cultural development. Koh Samet - for those who seek a relatively untouched nature.

Thailand. "Country of a thousand smiles" and the most popular direction of Southeast Asia, where you can find, perhaps, all the options for recreation. Do you want a classic vacation at a modern resort? You are welcome. Dreaming of a vibrant nightlife and extreme adventures? Easy. Dream of secluded beaches away from civilization? In Thailand, they will be enough for everyone. The main thing is to choose the right resort, trusting professionals - experienced travel agencies.

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Girl on Thai beach. Tropical beach chaise lounge. Thailand island vacation
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Choose the best beaches in Thailand is not easy, as there are hundreds of them in the country

List of resorts in Thailand is very impressive. The country attracts tourists with comfortable beaches, unique tropical nature, a variety of nightlife. It is not surprising that for those planning a vacation in Thailand, the question of where to go is always relevant. The period from January to April is the best time to travel to Thailand.

The weather at the resorts is sunny at this time, rainfall is rare. The weather at the resorts in Thailand for different months also depends on the location of the resort. Pattaya has good weather all year round with moderate rain. On Samui, it rains from November to December, and in Phuket and Krabi, the weather shows its character from May to October.

Thailand is so rich in sights and natural beauty that you can hardly want to spend much time in a hotel. Tourism brings to the budget of Thailand about 6 percent of total income, but the government is ready to invest impressive funds to maintain the country's tourist image. Thailand is a country with great natural diversity. Traveling in Thailand, you will find high mountains and impenetrable jungles, virgin forests, clear rivers and waterfalls, warm sea with snow-white beaches.

Here, every traveler will find something to his taste - acquaintance with ancient traditions, rich national culture, with stunning beauty of Buddhist temples and royal palaces, rest on the coast and islands in the Gulf of Siam. You will find eternal summer and beautiful sea, excursions to national parks, diving, world-famous Thai cuisine, walks on elephants, you will enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Bangkok and Pattaya, shopping and the famous Thai massage.

How does swimming affect brain function? As you know, water is vital for human survival, but not only its use gives us benefits. Swimming is useful not only for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and overall health, but also for brain function. In Greece and Rome, swimming was part of military training, and was also a distinctive factor in the social strata of the population. The Egyptians swimming was part of the educational program. In fact, the importance of the healing properties of water is reflected in ancient hieroglyphs. But what kind of effect does swimming have on the body and brain?

People have been involved in swimming throughout their history, but everything changed in the Middle Ages. It was then that Europe spread the idea that water is the main source of disease and that even staying in it can lead to an epidemic. Only at the end of the 18th century was swimming recognized as a competitive sport. The physical benefits of swimming are obvious. What is the famous "swimmer's body." However, there is another characteristic that most swimmers (both professionals and amateurs) possess: brain health. Scientists have found that swimming reduces the risk of premature death by as much as 28% and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 41%.

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