Goa Paradise. The tourist season in India lasts from November to March inclusive

At the end of October, the most favorable period for visiting Goa begins. What you need to know, going on a trip to India?

India is a country of contrasts, where the splendor of nature, ancient temples and bright colors are combined with the blatant poverty of its inhabitants

Goa is the smallest state in India and one of the most popular among tourists. Tours in Goa are a bright vacation for yourself or in the company of friends and family. Goa combines many Buddhist places and shrines, forts of ancient times, a variety of historical and not only museums, mountains and coastal extended spit, a variety of strange animals and vegetation. Goa is traditionally divided into 2 parts - the north and south. In the south there are expensive five-star hotels, in the north there are almost none. There are many more people on the beaches of the north.

Goa is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea in the south-west of the country. Most of the tourists, who were there, return to Goa again and again. Arambol is the cleanest of the northern beaches, there is practically no infrastructure, the beach is popular with fans of yoga and hippies. On most beaches of northern Goa, the sand is yellow or dark (of volcanic origin). In the south clean beaches with white sand prevail. The state of Goa is quite diverse, combining many traditions, cultures and landscapes. Less than forty years ago, Portugal recognized Goa as belonging to India. The combination of the colonial heritage in the past and the traditional Indian flavor has become the main hallmark of Goa.

Indian cuisine is exceptionally spicy and spicy. Vegetarians here are a special expanse, because the basis of most dishes are beans and vegetables, seasoned with spices. Curry takes the first place among spices. Beef and pork in the daily diet are practically absent, if the Indians eat meat, then it is chicken or lamb.

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Goa Paradise
In a new city or a new country, everything is unknown to you. Non-standard situations occur with you that require you to "strain" your brain in order to give out non-standard actions. Thanks to this, a very effective and useful brain training occurs. Finally, his hidden abilities awaken. The body begins to use those resources that previously "slept", this in turn leads to recovery. During or after a rest and "wandering around the world," you suddenly have new ideas, and most importantly, your outlook on life changes.

Before entering the house of Indians you need to take off your shoes

The most beautiful beaches of Goa are Agonda and Palolem. Palolem is quite lively, crowded with people and boats, on which they offer to make a trip to the beach of butterflies. The beach is picturesque, is framed by mountains, palm trees are close enough to the coastline. The most interesting sight in Goa is called Old Goa, which is the former capital of the Portuguese colony and located near the new Panaji.

The city is called the Indian Pearl for its extraordinary beauty. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. Catherine and look at its magnificent bells, Mahalsa, Mangeshi Hindu temples, Jama Majid complex. A trip to Goa involves visiting the forts of Goa in Aguad and Chapor, the city of Gokarna and its Shiva temple and the Mahabaleshwar temple, the city of Hampi with the Hampi complex of monuments, which is under UNESCO protection.

The natural wonders of Goa, such as the Dudhsagar waterfall, are worth a visit. Traveling to Goa will bring to your life a tinge of beauty and grandeur of ancient India, endowing you with wisdom and an understanding of the meaning of life. Do not forget to arrange travel insurance. The most popular accommodation facilities in Goa are guest houses. The official tourist season in Goa lasts from mid-October to mid-May.

The best months for holidays are December and January. At this time, the weather is set to dry, not very hot. Winking in India is perceived as an insult. Road traffic in India is left hand. If you are traveling to Goa feel free to leave 90% of the suitcase empty to fill it on the way back. Goa is the smallest, most Europeanized and most touristic state of India. After a holiday in Goa, someone penetrates to him with eternal love, some even leave to live, and some of the tourists will not be lured by gingerbread.

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