Gold Coast vacations. Surfers paradise beach on Goldcoast. Queensland travel, Australia tours

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A series of beaches and coastal resort areas with recreational centers, luxury hotels and shopping malls make this place a real tourist paradise

Best of the best beaches. Gold Coast, Australia. You can catch the longest waves in the world in the town of Snapper-Rocks near Coolangatta. Among the famous surf resorts in the northern part of the coast are Currumbin, Palm Beach, Burley Heads, Nobby Beach, Mermaid Beach. Surfing is best on the waters of the North and South Stradbrok islands and in the town of Noosa. Diving schools and countless equipment hire points offer unlimited opportunities for tourists to snorkeling, scuba diving and scuba diving. Having tried your hand at kayaking, you will find yourself in close proximity to dolphins, turtles and sea rays and you will be able to observe their behavior in their natural environment.

Gold Coast is a coastal city with a sunny subtropical climate in the Australian state of Queensland, which is famous all over the world for its white sand beaches for swimming and surfing, which occupy 57 kilometers of coastline. For lovers of outdoor activities, besides surfing everywhere, you can go windsurfing, water skiing, jumping with a cable, paragliding. The best golf courses in the world have been built in the area. Gold Coast Cafes and Restaurants offer delicious dishes from cuisines around the world, in the evenings nightclubs and discos open. There are playgrounds, drinking fountains all over the coast, barbecue areas, and numerous lounge chairs hospitably waiting for their tourists in the shade of the trees.

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Gold Coast vacations. Surfers paradise beach on Goldcoast. Queensland travel, Australia tours.

This is a popular holiday destination associated with fun, sun, surf, sand, as well as an abundance of subtropical green mountainous areas

The most important reason why people go to Queensland on the coast is to enjoy the bright sun, golden sand and the blue sea. The beach town of Gold Coast includes: Main Beach, Palm Beach, Broad Beach, Coolangatta, Southport and the capital of a beach holiday - Surfers Paradise. You can come to Gold Coast at any time of the year, due to its location in the tropical climate zone, there is no winter here.

Despite the fact that the Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, there are many other places in the region where you can enjoy the unique local nature. Nearby, Brisbane is a city where the steeples of Victorian churches and historic buildings are combined with glass and concrete skyscrapers, tropical gardens and extensive parks. From here you can also go on an excursion to Water Park, Zoo without cages - Currumbin reserve, entertainment parks "World of Cinema", "World of Dreams", "World of Sea" and "World of Tropical Fruits". Also interesting is the Park of unusual entertainment.

Due to the pleasant subtropical climate, the holiday season on the Gold Coast of Australia lasts all year round. But Gold Coast is not only a resort, but also a dynamically developing city with a population of about 500,000 inhabitants, which, like any other place in Australia, belong to different races and religions, and came from different parts of the world.

At the moment, Australia is one of the most popular destinations for recreation and tourism in the world. Australia attracts tourists from all over the world for its huge metropolitan areas, large skyscrapers, beautiful climate, beautiful beaches, the ocean, as well as friendly attitude of the inhabitants of the country towards tourists. Australian crime rate is one of the lowest in the world, but you need to understand that visitors to Australia can easily be targeted by criminals. It is necessary to be careful with personal valuables and documents, especially in such places full of tourists as the Gold Coast.

The oldest meteorite crater on Earth is over two billion years old and is located on the territory of modern western Australia. Moreover, its appearance may be associated with a radical turn for the climate of the planet. Scientists recently dated the Yarrabubb Crater in western Australia. It turned out that he was about 2.29 billion years old, which makes him the oldest of the discovered meteorite craters. Scientists have long suspected that the age of a crater located in a remote part of the desert is several billion years. But dating ancient craters is not easy: sites are generally poorly preserved because erosion and tectonic events, such as earthquakes, gradually erase the geological past. Even if the crater is well preserved, dating it is still not easy.

Researchers suggest that when a meteorite fell to Earth, causing the formation of Yarrabubba, this place was covered with ice, like most of the Earth at that time. The powerful blow that created the crater about 70 kilometers in diameter may have sent up to half a billion tons of evaporated ice into the atmosphere, according to scientists' simulations. If this was true, a meteorite could cause the planet to warm and leave the snowball period. But so far, researchers have no convincing evidence that this part of the Earth was covered with ice at that time.

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