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Another pride of Greece is its cuisine, which is able to satisfy the tastes of people with a variety of gastronomic preferences

The famous Greek salad, olives, cheeses, meat and fish dishes and, of course, local wines will not leave anyone indifferent. The cuisine of this country will not bother you even if you spend more than one week of rest here, and most likely you will not even have time to try all the national dishes. It doesn't matter where you relax - in elegant Ie or in the cozy Perissa - the food will be very tasty and fragrant, and the waiters will be welcoming.

During a visit to Santorini, tourists are often surprised by the unique traditional dishes that are served by local residents in taverns and restaurants. Chlorothiri is a unique cheese that can only be found on this island. Fava is a nutritious puree, probably the most common dish on the island and it is really tasty and healthy. Ntomatokeftedes - Tomato Fritters. Melitzanes Santorinis - Santorini White Eggplant. Apochti - this meat is prepared according to the unique recipes of the island of Santorini.

"In Greece, everything is there," - every tourist who has rested at least once in cheerful Greece, will easily confirm the veracity of this popular expression. If you want to get everything on vacation at once, welcome to the cradle of Western civilization. There are four seas alone: the Mediterranean, the Ionian, the Aegean and the Libyan. Fabulous snow-white cities with narrow streets, immersed in flowers, are full of hotels for every taste. Numerous islands and sunny coasts keep the secrets of the ancient world. Noisy ports accept ships from around the world. Wine bars, friendly taverns and vibrant markets maintain an atmosphere of carefree southern fun. And what else is needed for an inexpensive and relaxing holiday?

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Greece travel. Relaxation with a seaview and fruit plate. Santorini island, Greece vacations.

The best traditional Santorini dishes to try

Drink greek wine. In Greece, there are many factories for the production of wine, some of them are located in Santorini. Santorini volcano, raging 1.5 thousand years BC not only permanently changed the shape of the island, but also created a unique volcanic soil. Local grapes are grown on it. This and other features of the nature of Santorini influence the production of wine. Rate its unusual taste in the Venetsanos cellar.

If you want to relax on Santorini and save money, you should also pay attention to Perissa and Kamari, because it's not only one of the most beautiful, but also the cheapest towns on Santorini Trip ideas: vacations, tours and getaways. Due to the optimal combination of low price and good quality Greece is a great place for a family holiday. The winding streets, connected by endless staircases, and white buildings twined with bright colors - such an idyllic landscape will meet you in the village of Oia in the north of the island. Climbing up the Skaros rock, you will find yourself in the quiet village of Imerovigli - from here you can see magnificent panoramas of the azure waters, from which snow-white and colored houses climb upwards.

Greece is a country of amazing beauty, where the bright sun warms the inhabitants almost all year round. The azure sea, golden beaches, white houses, the aroma of strong coffee and coniferous plants - the unique atmosphere of Greece disposes to an unforgettable and amazing holiday. Greece is a country where antiquities are at every turn: Athens, Delphi, Thebes and Meteora, rock monasteries and Mount Athos. There are also cool beaches, clear sea, picturesque islands and spa hotels.

The main Greek souvenir is olives. Oil, soap, pate - that only the Greeks do not make from the fruits of the olive-nurse. Olive oil costs about 10 euros per liter. Sweets take the second place in the rating of Greek souvenirs. Nougat and lokum are not at all the same as in Turkey. Particularly interesting local honey. Many tourists bring from Greece alcohol - ouzo, metax, raki, liqueur from kumquat.

The population of our planet is growing steadily, throwing more and more challenges to the environment and demanding more food every day. In order to prevent the impending food crisis of the future, scientists are already seriously working on the creation of unique technologies that make it possible to make food from renewable energy or even air. To live, a person needs energy. We get energy primarily from food: we eat to live. Currently, civilization has relieved people of the need to slaughter a bull on their own for dinner, but has enriched us with food substitutes, not the freshest and highest quality. Although inexpensive.

Various ways of replacing food are constantly being added to the culinary treasury, and scientists are constantly struggling to create effective food compounds. The eating habits of most of the inhabitants of our planet have not changed since the 60s of the 20th century. We are used to - or they told us so - to eat buckwheat and bread, try to eat less fat and fried, reproach ourselves for an extra piece of cake and absorb as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Why? No one knows. The very "American diet", which is rapidly creeping all over the world, is bearing fruit, and diets are powerless. Why? Are we eating right? What do recent studies show? The nutrition of a modern person includes refined products (flour, juices, jams), in which fiber is low in fiber. Therefore, many people experience a lack of it.

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