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Mauritius confirms the reputation of a paradise place resolutely in all. The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Excursion to the crater of the long-extinct, beautiful Tru-o-Cerf volcano is especially popular on the May holidays

In Mauritius, the Dutch and French colonial cultures miraculously intertwine with island leisure and relaxation. Most of the entertainment on the island is of a sporting nature: golf, tennis, horse riding, cycling, snorkeling, water skiing, surfing, kayaks and kayaks, parachuting. In addition, the island has a water amusement park, Leisure Village, and in some hotels, the most gambling casino tourists await. Mauritius in May is characterized by cool, dry and calm weather.

Of particular interest is the unique deep-sea fishing on blue and black marlin, sharks, yellow tuna, barracudas. Surfing in Mauritius is very popular, as is windsurfing with kitesurfing. From May to December, when the strongest winds are here, the wave height sometimes reaches 7 m. Beginners can always get training in the lagoon, on calm water. All necessary equipment can be rented. The climate in Mauritius is tropical, but surprisingly mild. The south-east trade winds soften the heat.

In Mauritius, you can find a holiday for every taste - from luxurious five-star hotels and the organization of wedding ceremonies to savage holidays and volunteering in nature reserves. Holidays in Mauritius are not cheap, and there is a long flight there, but the diversity of this island is worth the effort and money spent on it.

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Mauritius resorts. Grand Baie. Mauritius holiday
In Mauritius you can go windsurfing, diving, fishing. Bungee ride in Casela Park, the longest of which is 1.5 kilometers. Feed the turtles and see the big crocodiles at La Vanille Resort. Find the Southern Cross and other constellations in the sky that are not visible to the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere. You can take a helicopter tour and see the underwater waterfall. All this in between enjoying fresh fish and seafood, lying on the beach and snorkeling in the ocean, looking at fish and sea urchins. Do not forget to take a picture of all this magnificent diversity against the background of the ocean and white sand and then prove to your friends for a long time that this is not photoshop.

Now the island is home to Creoles, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Madagascar, Africans, Europeans. They brought with them their customs, languages, religions, which are trying to carefully observe

Top must-see travel destinations bucket list. The island has excellent beaches with fine sand and rare beauty of the underwater world, which attracts divers from around the world. All this abundance is complemented by excellent opportunities for fascinating sea fishing. High seas fishing is one of the main attractions of Mauritius. At any time of the year, record specimens of blue marlin, hammerfish, tuna and barracuda are caught here. The best time for fishing is in September-April, and the least "cool" months are June and July. The most fishy are the coves off the south-west coast, from Riviere-Marlin-Noire to Morne-Brabant.

Just rest and relaxation. No special vaccinations are required. There are no poisonous animals and insects on the island, but the bites of some representatives of the local fauna are painful and can cause allergic reactions. Mauritius is famous for a very high level of service and high gastronomy. Traveling to the world of culinary traditions, do not forget to try the salad with royal shrimps and the heart of a one-year-old palm tree, for which gourmets from all over the world come here more than once a year. Do not leave Mauritius without a cruise on a catamaran. You can spend a whole day or half a day on a cruise. Try to meet a romantic sunset on a catamaran and at the same time try a fantastic cocktail. Feel like a pirate on an exciting Pirate cruise.

Mauritius is famous for deep-sea fishing, and it was here that the world's largest specimens of blue (or blue) marlin (643.5 kg), mako sharks (502 kg), white tuna (100.8 kg), etc. were caught. Tourists come to Mauritius with whole families, and while lovely ladies and children spend their holidays swimming in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and enjoying the nature of the island, the male half of holidaymakers intensely peer into the horizon, hoping to finally go out into the open sea and meet one on one with the elements and with the big fish.

Deep sea fishing is a real challenge for real men. Women are taken on board solely as observers, as even a physically strong man can pull a 20-pound resisting fish out of the water, and a very large fish requires the strength of several men. As a rule, the boat goes to sea early in the morning, and immediately the crew begins to search for large fish. Some use for this echo sounder, but most often the fishermen are closely watching the horizon, hoping to see the seagulls. Seagulls indicate the places of accumulation of small fish, and small fish certainly attracts large predators. Having noticed the seagulls, the boat goes to the center of their cluster and puts out the tackle. As soon as the bite has occurred, the process of dredging begins. Here the main thing is to show strength and patience, because the prey will resist, jump out of the water, go to the depth - even not very large fish can pull the fisherman into the sea if he is not tied to the chair. Although the fight against fish can be delayed for several hours, an unforgettable thrill to the fisherman is guaranteed!

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