Vacation Cyprus. Small orthodox church somewhere on Cyprus. Tours to Greece

Cyprus is called the Island of Saints

Cyprus has a rich historical and cultural heritage

Here you can visit many famous and beautiful objects of the whole world (religious, architectural, historical, mythological). Cyprus is an amazing island, consecrated by the Apostles Paul and Barnabas, Saint Lazarus the Four Days and the Mother of God herself. The impregnable monasteries in the mountains of Troodos, the sacred miraculous relics, giving healing and comfort attract pilgrims from all over the world.

Cypriot Orthodox Church is one of the oldest. It has its history since the year 45, when, according to the Acts of the Apostles, the apostles Paul, Barnabas and Mark arrived in Cyprus and marched with the preaching of the Gospel the whole island from Salamis to Paphos. The Troodos mountain range itself is impressively beautiful, but even in the vicinity of Troodos you can see dozens of beautiful painted Christian churches.

Holidays in Greece among tourists are associated, first of all, with islands scattered in all four seas. Each island has a unique character, each boasts a rich history - both ancient and Orthodox. Respect the elderly people and do not speak ill of the Greeks about Greece - although they willingly criticize their country, they will not tolerate the same behavior from a foreigner. Communicate in a friendly and polite way - the Greeks do not like arrogant or cold people who are restrained in everything.

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Vacation Cyprus. Small orthodox church somewhere on Cyprus. Tours to Greece.
When visiting monasteries, wear closed clothing - long skirts and trousers, or use the capes and special trousers offered to tourists at the monastery entrance. The Greeks are very slow people, and everything in this country is done slowly, little by little. You should not count on great quickness and punctuality of staff. If the Greek promises you to do something tomorrow, "avrio", it means a polite refusal or postponement of the event for an indefinite period.

There are places in the world where everything is saturated with holiness and spiritual purity

And one of these places on Earth is Cyprus. Acquaintance with the history of the monasteries of Cyprus - Kykkos and St. Neophyte the Recluse, as well as the monasteries of Trooditissa, St. Nicholas ("Feline"), the Holy Cross - will take you into the Byzantine era, when these holy monasteries were founded. There are many interesting places and sights in Cyprus.

In Paphos, take the opportunity to look at such ancient historical monuments as the Royal Tombs, the ancient Amphitheater Oreon, the fortress in the harbor of Kato Paphos, the Church of Chrysopolitissa, the column of St. Paul, and visit the Christian shrine - the catacombs of St. Solomonia. There are so many attractions in Paphos that it's worth staying longer to go everywhere.

In Larnaca, you will see not only the sights of antiquity, but also Christian churches (Byzantine Church Panayya Angeloktisti, Church of Saint Lazarus of the 9th century) and monasteries (Stavrovuni friary), as well as Islamic luxurious mosques (Al Qebir Mosque, Hala Sultan-Tekke Mosque). Individual excursions are trips and walks with a personal guide, organized individually for you (your company), without the presence of outsiders.

Cyprus is an amazing country for a beach holiday. A wonderful Mediterranean climate, amazingly clean beaches and warm sea, a rich excursion program, unique spa programs and national festivals, a wide range of hotels - from luxurious five-star to cheerful youth and comfortable family, in short, Cyprus has everything you need to have a great time during your unforgettable vacation.

Cyprus is often called the Island of Aphrodite. In ancient times in Cyprus, not far from Paphos, there was a well-known sanctuary of this goddess of love and beauty throughout the ancient world. During entertaining excursions around the island, you can visit the cave, which is called the grotto of Aphrodite, as well as the beach, which, according to popular belief, this beautiful goddess emerged from the sea foam. The island is popular among residents of Western Europe as a resting place. The wonderful climate and 330 sunny days a year, monuments of ancient history, no less interesting than in Greece, and a good tourist infrastructure are the reasons for this well-deserved popularity.

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