Hamlet's grave. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark real final resting place. Stone with inscription in memory of Hamlet. Denmark travel

Travel to Hamlet's homeland

Hometown of Shakespeare's hero was the city of Helsingor, which with the light hand of the great writer is often called Elsinore

There is an old castle Kronborg in the city. It is here that the great playwright "settled" Hamlet the Prince of Denmark. The place is located near the capital of the country, distinguished by a good location in the narrowest point of the Oresund strait, through which the path between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea passes. This situation brought economic prosperity to Helsinger, but he gained worldwide fame thanks to the work of William Shakespeare. Today, most of the tourists who visit him on a journey, first of all seek to visit Kronborg Castle, where the main events took place, and the young prince was tormented by thinking: "to be or not to be?".

The famous character had a prototype from real life, which revenged the father's killer and the new leader of the people. The young man was called Amlodi (Amled), and when, after the removal of the parent, the usurper appropriated to himself and his spouse, the heir had no choice but to imitate insanity. In the end, he won a convenient moment and dealt with the enemy, not taking into account either the mother's plea or the statute of limitations. But all this happened a few centuries earlier, when Kronborg Castle itself did not exist, and in a completely different place - on the Danish Jutland Peninsula.

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Hamlet grave. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark real final resting place. Stone with inscription in memory of Hamlet. Denmark travel.

Although in reality, the city was founded only in 1420 and is very remotely related to the history of the prototype, local residents are trying to maintain the legend. Near the fortress there is even an artificial grave of the hero

In Denmark itself, the castle and locality is more associated with Holger, the great warrior, sleeping in a dungeon and ready to wake up in a fateful moment for the country. In particular, one of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen tells about him, and when visiting the site, the guests try not to make noise, so as not to disturb the Viking sound sleep.

Every year the Shakespeare festival takes place here, gathering lovers of creative work of the playwright from all over the world. An enthusiastic person will find fertile ground for discussion, and at the same time practice pronunciation, practicing the language of the great writer. Modern Denmark is famous for its comfort and hospitality, having managed to build a serene living environment for its own citizens and arriving tourists.

Today, it does not at all resemble a bubbling cauldron, repeatedly throwing out the fierce Viking crews on unsinkable Drakkars into the surrounding seas. "The Pearl of Scandinavia" - this is how they often call Denmark, a small country, comfortably situated on the Jutland peninsula and 407 islands, the largest of which are Falster, Zeeland, Bornholm, Funen and Lollan. Despite its miniature size, Denmark is able to offer even the most demanding tourists a lot of ideas for recreation all year round.

In the summer, tourists with children simply overrun Denmark - and how could it be otherwise, because here are the amusement parks "Legoland" and "Tivoli", a visit to which becomes an unforgettable adventure for children, and gives an opportunity to adults to plunge into childhood. Denmark can satisfy the needs of those who prefer a luxurious holiday. The best SPA-hotels will gladly surround each guest with care and attention and will offer unique procedures, during which you can fully relax both body and soul. The magnificent Danish fortresses, many of which today function as hotels, can easily fulfill the wishes of those who have ever dreamed of visiting the Middle Ages: here everything is imbued with the spirit of that distant era.

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