Finland tourism. Main cathedral of Helsinki. Sunny autumn day. Helsinki tourism Finland

Senate Square with the monument to Alexander II and the cathedral is the main attraction of the city

Helsinki is a compact and convenient city for tourists. Most of the attractions are located in the center not far from each other, so the best option for exploring Helsinki is walking

The "city tour" scheme of hop on hop off in all cities is the same: you buy a ticket and ride for one or two days along the tourist route, getting off the bus and getting on it as many times as you like. For example, go near a certain museum, inspect it and after a couple of hours, take the same bus (or the same one) again and follow the route further. In Helsinki, two operators of such excursions.

At the railway station and at the airport, hand out maps of the city for free. Several streets converge at the station square at once, so it turns out that it is visible from different places. In addition, the station has a tall tower, which can be seen from afar (though not from everywhere), so you can navigate along it. Local chefs can highlight the natural taste of food. Just try the traditional roast or soup - you will be amazed at what a harmonious taste the simplest food can have.

Finland or Suomi, because of its geographical position, has long remained a tasty morsel for the neighboring more developed states - Sweden and Russia. And despite the fact that under the influence of the Swedes, Finland existed for more than 600 years, the period within the Russian Empire (a little more than 100 years) has no less significance in its history.

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Finland tourism. Main cathedral of Helsinki. Sunny autumn day. Helsinki tourism Finland.
Under Tsar Alexander II, the Finns became full participants in the political process in Finland, and therefore many of them still respect the emperor, consider him one of the founders of the Finnish state. As part of the Russian Empire, the Finns lived for more than a century. Throughout its history, the Grand Duchy of Finland enjoyed the broadest autonomy rights in the Russian Empire: its own monetary unit, the Finnish mark, remained in Suomi. Much of the tax collection also remained in the country.

What to see in Helsinki in one day. You can explore the city by bike - in Helsinki, a very good network of bike paths

Helsinki has a special tourist card, as in many other tourist megalopolises. It gives the right to discounts on visits to museums, stores and stores; free entrance to some museums and inspection of the main attractions; as well as for free travel in public transport, including the ferry to Suomenlinna fortress (Suomenlinna). Of the interesting museums in Helsinki, several deserve special mention. The National Museum of Finland is a repository of the country's cultural and historical heritage, from antiquity to modern times.

The Athenaeum Art Museum has a huge collection of paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art, including works by Chagall, Van Gogh, Shishkin, Repin, etc. Together with the Kiasma center and the Sinebrychhov Museum, the Athenaeum forms the Finnish National Gallery. Finland is officially a bilingual country, in addition to Finnish, Swedish is also considered the state language here. Street names, respectively, are given in two languages. In Helsinki, almost all locals speak English.

Not only children, but also adults will enjoy the Lego Show theme park - there you can take part in construction competitions, meet Star Wars heroes, or meet Harry Potter. A lot of water slides and water sports are waiting for children and adults in one of the largest water parks in Europe - Serena (website with the Russian version). A 5-minute walk from the Olympic Stadium is the Children's Transport Town Liikennekaupunki. In the summer admission is free - you can take the car for free on the pedal and learn the rules of the road in practice.

Finland is a special country, with its own culture, traditions and way of life. The capital of Finland - Helsinki - is the center of culture, education, science. The capital is the oldest university in Finland and one of the best in Europe - the University of Helsinki. The main musical university of the country is the Academy of Sibelius. Helsinki is a port city from which passenger and cargo ships depart to Sweden and central Europe. In the nearest suburb of the capital of Vantaa is the largest airport, from where flights to Europe, the United States and the city of Finland. Also, Helsinki is the only city of Suomi, which has a subway.

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