Himalayan tours, Nepal tourism. Yak crowd in Himalayan mountains. Nepal travel. Himalayas trekking

When, if not now, will you do it? A journey that will win your heart.

Have you ever dreamed to touch the real shrines of India and the Himalayas?

Many tourists dream to visit the highest mountain system with ancient history, the land of gods and hermit yogis. In these places, you will discover what is hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. Snowy peaks, turbulent rivers, untouched wildlife, glittering lakes, rare animals and birds, mystical mountain monasteries. The one who was there once, overwhelmingly pulls back.

On this journey you will visit the high-mountainous valleys and plateaus, which are beyond the limits of their beauty and power. Strengthen your spirit to awaken consciousness and rise above the bustle of this world. You will meet people walking along the path of spirit and strength, day after day plunging more and more into feelings of calm and serenity to touch the very essence, the source.

Have you long dreamed of visiting the most ancient temples and places of power, swimming at the foot of the glacier, from which the Ganges flows out and watching how the setting sun colors the snow-capped peaks in the most bizarre tones, like in the paintings of Roerich? It will be a journey with a special meaning and awareness, the Himalayan energy and the beauty of nature of these lost corners of the planet will forever remain in our memory.

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Himalayan tours, Nepal tourism. Yak crowd in Himalayan mountains. Nepal travel. Himalayas trekking.

The blessed atmosphere of the Himalayas opens up new horizons both inside the spiritual world of man and outside

The feeling of deep cleansing and freedom. It is like a transition to another dimension of life. The path through the sacred places of India to the Source of the Ganges in the Himalayas is undoubtedly a very vivid event in the life of any person who ventures on this incomparable impression of travel. The beauty and ancient power of these snowy peaks still fascinates adventure seekers. It is hard for an ordinary tourist to believe that even in our high-tech time there are really impressive and shocking corners of our planet in isolation.

Your level of training? Special physical training is not required; rather, psychological readiness is necessary for short walks (up to 6 hours), ups and downs. Awesome cuisine - exotic Indian spices, has long been a legend in Asia. You will try all the most delicious that can give you the cuisine of North India. The nature of the Himalayas is coniferous and rhododendron forests against the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, fresh mountain air, caves with hermits and turbulent tributaries in the headwaters of the Ganges - you will come into contact with all this in this journey.

Tibet is an amazing place called the "Roof of the World". And although the high mountains and pristine lakes are striking in their beauty, it is difficult to move here. And today, as in ancient times, Tibetan yaks carrying heavy loads help people out. These bulls live in Tibet for about ten thousand years. The yak is almost not affected by the rarefied high-mountain air, and it easily drags a load of 150 kilograms along mountain trails, where two people will hardly disperse.

Yak belongs to the genus of bulls, but differs significantly from them in appearance. Tibetan yak is a large, tall animal with a long body and short legs. An adult male can reach a length of up to 4.25 meters, a height of 2 meters, and a weight of up to 1 ton. On the withers there is a small hump, from which the back looks sloping. Long, curving up to 95 centimeters of horns are directed in different directions, and the distance between the ends of the horns can be up to 90 centimeters. On the face, white markings give this animal a special charm. Sometimes for this feature they say that the animal is wearing a mask. The long hair covers the legs, chest, abdomen and sides, forming the so-called "skirt", and serves as a litter when lying down, and in winter it also saves the undercoat from the cold. Because of this, the yaks can simply lie down and rest in the snow and not feel the cold at all. In the yak, even the tail is protected by long hair and therefore looks like a horse. The coat color is different for them: from pale black to grayish brown.

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