Iceland tourism. Valley in the Kerlingarfjoll area with geothermal activity - Iceland tours

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Iceland is called a small country of great wonders - there are many natural sights that will take your breath away

The abundance of colors, unusual landscapes, amazes and delights. This is an amazing world of lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, caves and lava fields. The country of geysers, volcanoes and cute ponies won the hearts of many. Iceland is the perfect place for camper lovers. If you rent a motorhome, then the most picturesque places of the island will be prepared for parking. Camping is always very clean, lawn mills, and most importantly, stunning views. Different parts of the country are very different from each other, while they are all interesting and do not want to miss any of them.

The so-called Icelandic Golden Ring, consists of the Thingvellir national park, the valley of geysers, the Gullfoss waterfall, the Seljalandsfoss waterfall (which can be walked around) and the Skogafoss waterfall (which can be viewed from above, climbing the stairs). In each region of Iceland, there are tourist information centers where you can take a map of the region with landmarks, as well as ask employees for details.

The tourist season in Iceland lasts from June to mid-September. But many tourists come to Iceland for the New Year and for the Christmas holidays. The beauty of a trip to Iceland in the winter is the northern lights. But in winter, from October to May, many hotels and restaurants are closed, movement around the island is limited: some routes are closed, buses run less frequently.

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Iceland tourism. Valley in the Kerlingarfjoll area with geothermal activity - Iceland tours.
Fairy tale Iceland. Waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, fjords, the sea, gravel roads, lava fields, rain, northern lights, new friends - all this you will find in one fabulous place called Iceland. One of the most "Icelandic tour" is considered to be a boat trip to icebergs, which can not only be seen, but also touched, appreciating in reality their true size. The splendor of ice blocks literally drives you crazy, and their colors - with all the shades of blue, turquoise and blue and bright streaks, is the only one of its kind.

In Iceland, baked "volcanic" bread

To do this, in areas of active volcanism, the dough is placed in a metal container and left in the ground for a day, after which the finished loaf is removed. Iceland is a big island, to see more sights, it will be logical to spend the night in a new place every day. If you are planning 7 days in the country, then you should choose 7 basic places for overnight stay and make hikes / trips to nearby attractions every day.

One of the unofficial symbols of Iceland is Atlantic puffin. For bird watching, it is better to head north, although almost throughout the island you will find a huge number of lakes and fields where the most diverse species of birds nest. Camping is the most popular and sought after accommodation option in Iceland. Thingvellir National Park is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. He gathered in his territory canyons, valleys and lakes, as well as volcanic faults. It is here that the Lake of Desires and the Penny Canyon are located: according to belief, throwing a coin there, you will definitely return here.

If you want to get to another planet, then it's not at all necessary to surf the cosmic expanses, you can simply fly to Iceland. Many of those who fall into Iceland fall in love with this fabulous country once and for all. And this is not surprising, because here are the most unusual landscapes and landscapes: here are lava fields covered with soft moss; huge ancient glaciers descending from volcanoes; here something constantly erupts, boils, gives off steam. You can describe a lot, but believe me, it's worth seeing with your own eyes.

Traveling around Iceland by bike will be very difficult. Food in Iceland is not very diverse: just a lot of fish. Most of Iceland's energy comes from renewable sources. In Iceland, everything is very expensive. There are many hot springs in Iceland. It is not forbidden by law to put up a tent and live near the nature monument, but one should not break a bivouac on private property.

Scientists who have wandered almost their entire lives through the valleys and mountains of the Earth have seen a lot. Amazingly beautiful sunsets and sunrises, as well as gloomy - to blackness - autumn-winter sky. The rapid flow of mountain rivers and the majestic calm of the ocean. The frantic ejection from the bowels of the earth of slag-ash clouds and the colorfully lazy flow of lava. The delicate colors of the northern summer and the riot of autumn colors of vegetation on the eve of its death. The dazzling whiteness of snow and the enchanting blue of the sky after passing another cyclone. I'm not talking about bears, deer and snow sheep, about the accumulations of seals on stones that are exposed at low tide, about bizarre rocks and about tree trunks unimaginably bent under the weight of snow.

Usually, when it comes to volcanoes, we are shown eruptions and eruptive clouds formed in this process. Which in itself is beautiful, and sometimes simply amazing. However, volcanoes in peacetime, so to speak, are a very grateful subject for shooting. Towering over the surrounding valleys and mountains for 0.5-2 km or more, volcanoes not only "attract" ordinary clouds to themselves, but they themselves turn out to be its generators. The warmed air of the adjacent plains, rising along the volcanic slopes up, cools down. At the same time, the water vapor in it begins, usually closer to dinner, to condense and form a local cloud center around the volcanic structure.

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