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Where exactly is better to rest in Italy on the sea

Top popular beach resorts in Italy. Where to go to relax on the sea. Cozy seaside resorts in Italy

It is no secret that there are a lot of good resorts in Italy, but among them there are the best ones, one level higher, by choosing which you can relax in order more comfortable and more interesting, and on some even cheaper. The coast of hospitable Italy offers a huge variety of resorts for every taste. How to choose a resort, if almost the whole country is covered with beaches, which are one better than the other in beauty? Unfortunately, no one will be able to help in resolving this issue, since it is very difficult to determine which Italian resorts are the best. They are all beautiful.

Wherever you are, whatever region of Italy you come to, the sea is always nearby. Even from the alpine slopes you can reach the coast in just 3-4 hours. In Italy, there are wide sandy beaches, secluded coves with pebble beaches, and beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea, and places where the depth begins at the very shore. In short, the choice is wide. A unique European country located on the mainland, the peninsula and several islands, Italy is washed on all sides by amazing seas. Each of them creates its own unique beaches.

Nicknamed the island gardens of Kauai is a tropical paradise with lush tropical forests, waterfalls and impressive green coastal peaks. This natural masterpiece of dramatic lava-sculptural landscapes has a more relaxed atmosphere than its popular islands, the brothers Maui and Oahu. Although Kauai is known to be one of the rainiest places on earth, it actually includes several microclimates, and the area around Poipu has the most tourism-friendly climate. Under the water, colorful coral reefs are hidden where turtles and tropical fish swim. On land, you can endlessly sunbathe on the golden beaches, admire the scenery from the cliffs above Hanalei Bay. Enjoy hiking in the velvety peaks of the fascinating Napali coast and explore the deep Waimea Canyon. Tropical gardens, waterfalls, lovely coastal cities and fantastic surfing spots are Kauai's top tourist attractions. Do not be surprised if you find yourself on the beach in absolute solitude - nature reigns here, and this is the main attractive feature of the island.

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Italy Lighthouse

Where are the best resorts in Italy with amazing beaches, beautiful scenery and interesting sights?

Rimini is an inexpensive vacation on the 15 km of beaches. Mondello - perhaps the best vacation at sea in Italy. Sorrento is beaches and famous landmarks in the vicinity. Capri is a vacation to the sea in Italy with great comfort. Cefalu is great beaches at a reasonable price. The Amalfi Coast is a long coastline of the southwestern part of the Apennine Peninsula, south of Naples. Maratea is the best place if you are fed up.

Sardinia - enjoy the luxury at an elite resort in Italy. Ischia - heal from the disease and swim plenty. Senigallia is a diverse youth holiday and good beaches. Otranto - authentic Italian culture without crowds of tourists. Gallipoli - a cozy holiday in the south of Italy. Scilla is picturesque views and good beaches on the way to Sicily. Tropea - perhaps the best place for a beach holiday in mainland Italy.

Do not postpone the choice of a place to stay, purchase airline tickets and book hotels. The sooner you do this, the more you will save, and you will send the free money to additional entertainment and purchases. It is a sin for Italy to complain about the lack of attention of tourists - both in winter and, especially, in summer. Travelers are not deterred by even the relatively high prices for Italian-style vacations and the rather ascetic equipment of most city hotels. However, this comment usually does not apply to coastal hotels. Another point of the Italian program is a very high-quality, albeit not cheap, treatment at thermal spas.

There is such a joke: 25% of cultural values are concentrated in the capitals of the world, the remaining 75% are scattered throughout Italy. There are more than 8 thousand large and small cities in Italy, but there are several, without visiting which it is not considered that you were in Italy. First of all, these are the cities of history: the inimitable Rome with its ancient, Byzantine and medieval culture, the Vatican and the residence of the Pope of Rome; Salerno with its archaeological parks, the ancient Greek world and architectural monuments of Syracuse. History lovers should also visit the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and the city of St. Anthony of Padua.

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