Japan vacations. Snow Monkey at Jigokudani near Nagano. Japan tours

The Jigokudani snow monkey park is a must-see for all tourists who travel to the Japanese Alps, this is not far from Tokyo

Snow Macaques are thermophilic: to warm themselves in the harsh local climate, they are taken up into the hot water by the neck and spend most of the daylight hours there

Every spring, photographers from different countries go to Japan to photograph the blossoming sakura in all its glory surrounding the temples of Kyoto. But with the onset of winter, there is another reason for traveling to this region. Japan is worth a visit in winter, of course, grabbing your favorite camera for the sake of Japanese snow monkeys. Japanese snow monkeys live in areas where snow covers the ground for up to four months a year. Their habitat is Jigokudani Park, where in winter these animals spend a lot of time warming themselves in the hot waters of thermal springs.

Macaques are splashing in the water with the whole family, closing their eyes from pleasure, and on the shore they sort out and clean the wool to each other. Monkeys can be watched at arm's length. It is believed that these sources normalize the nervous system, relieve headaches. Apparently, therefore, the monkeys, sitting with snow caps on their tops, have such a peaceful look. Even by crowds of tourists, clicking cameras, animals are no longer confused. They mastered the art of relaxation.

When you meet Japanese, you feel (in most cases) genuine friendliness. They are really interested (unlike the overwhelming majority of Americans), how are you doing, where are you from, what are you doing, etc. The Japanese are very polite. If you ask someone to help, they will help you. In winter, the sidewalks and roads in the cities of northern Japan are heated to avoid icing. That is, most of the roads are equipped with heating systems that do an excellent job with ice.

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Japan vacations. Snow Monkey at Jigokudani near Nagano. Japan tours.
Life in Japan has its own differences and features that are foreign and incomprehensible to a foreign tourist. Therefore, it is worth a closer acquaintance with the amazing and interesting facts of life in Japan. In Japan, they take care of their customers in any store. Everywhere you are greeted with a smile on your face. In state institutions, everything is done quickly, taking care of your free time. In general, service in Japan is on top.

Jigokudani Yaen-koen, opened in 1964, is considered the world's largest snow monkey reservation

In the reserve, located in the mountains of the island of Honshu, about 160 Japanese macaques inhabit. To feed the monkeys, as well as show them food in the park Jigokudani Yaen-koen is prohibited. Visitors should not make sudden movements that can frighten macaques. Entry into the park with other animals, including dogs and cats, is prohibited. The most interesting thing, of course, happens in winter, when there is snow in the mountains around, but sly monkeys bask in the spring. Photos are excellent. But in other seasons the park and its inhabitants also look good.

The cheapest way to visit the park is when you live in Nagano and just go to the park one day (half a day is enough). This is suitable for those tourists who want to settle in Nagano for three or four days and use the city as a base for exploring the surrounding area (Obuse, Matsumoto, Ueda). The hotel should then be taken right near the station, on the north side (to go closer or go to the Zenko-ko Temple in Nagano itself; trains to monkeys are also closer to this side).

Beautiful nature. Everyone has heard of sakura. But not only this kind of tree is famous for Japan. Enough to drive off quite a bit from the city, and you will see magnificent meadows and picturesque groves of trees that create a romantic atmosphere. National parks of Japan can be set as an example to all parks in other countries. Meat and fish in Japan are much cheaper than fruit. This is due to the peculiarities of the relief, which do not allow to grow a sufficient number of fruit trees. The focus is mainly on the fishing industry.

If you want to visit Japan, then you probably know that in this country everything is not at all the way you used to see at home. Of course, this can be said about any other state, but still the Land of the Rising Sun is a special place. For example, here you can get a wide range of services at any time of the day or night in the most ordinary grocery store, but you may not be allowed into the bathhouse due to the presence of tattoos.

We know only one life form - ours, earthly. At first glance, it is very diverse: what can be in common between an amoeba, a fly and an elephant? However, biologists know that the structure and operation of the cells of all animals and plants so dissimilar to each other are based on biopolymers - proteins and nucleic acids. These molecules, sometimes quite complex and very diverse, have a common chemical nature. As an infinite number of different buildings can be assembled from several types of LEGO cubes, an infinite number of different living organisms is built from several types of biopolymers, from amoeba and flies to elephants and dinosaurs.

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