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There are many ways to feel the Kangaroo spirit

Check in to a room in a comfortable hotel and sip wine in wicker chairs on the outdoor terraces overlooking the ocean. Cheap resorts - an emphasis on environmental friendliness. Products are grown without the use of pesticides and nitrates on "green" farms. If you wish, you can taste fresh sheep's milk and fresh goat's cheese.

Kangaroo Island is located about 112 kilometers from the city of Adelaide, Australia. Kangaroo is the third largest island of those that belong to Australia, where 4,250 people live, and 1,800 of them constitute the population of the administrative center, the town of Kingscote. This island got its name because there are a lot of kangaroos on its territory. It was discovered in 1802 by a sailor from England - Matthew Flinders.

Kangaroo Island will be of interest primarily to lovers of virgin nature: here you can admire the pink pelicans soaring in the air, watch the sea lions in the "Bay of Seals" or lazy koalas sleeping in the trees. Little penguins living in Hog Bay will show a real performance, returning from the sea to their nests. At the pier in Kingscote, you can feed pelicans or see the giant cuttlefish. A night tour of the American River (American River) will give a meeting with the wallabies, possums and kangaroos. A walk through the Murray Lagoon lagoon in the Cape Gantheaume Conservation park reserve (Cape Gantheaume Conservation park) will allow you to watch ducks, swans and herons in the wild.

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South Australia tours. Kangaroo Island vacations. Australia travel.

Be sure to get acquainted with the local fauna

In the depths of the bays, giant cuttlefish, a host of dazzlingly bright fish and funny seahorses have found shelter. Entire colonies of penguins, wallabies and koalas consider the island their home. On the Seal Bay beach imposingly collapsed, warming the light gray tummies, sea lions. Sometimes it seems that they are smiling at tourists and specially posing for the cameras.

Since the Kangaroo separated from Australia long before the Europeans arrived on this continent, there were no rabbits and foxes brought in by the colonizers, which only benefited the island. There are abundantly, of course, kangaroos, possums, New Zealand seals, echidnas, brown bandicoot, wallabies, Rozenberg lizards. Among endemic animals, there are only marsupials of Dunnart, but the platypus previously did not live on the island, but were brought from the mainland. Once on the Kangaroo there were many emus, but in the first half of the last century were completely exterminated. Of the birds that live on the island, black cockatoo are particularly interesting, which are listed in the International Red Book and are endangered.

Kangaroo Island is famous throughout Australia for producing the best honey on this continent. At the very end of the 19th century, a group of immigrants from Italy arrived there, and not with empty hands, but with beehives of Ligurian bees. These insects on the Kangaroo perfectly got accustomed, and apiaries of people from the Apennine Peninsula began to flourish. Interestingly, in Italy itself, the Ligurian bees did not survive, since everyone died as a result of the epidemic of a deadly disease for them.

Kangaroo is also known for producing a very tasty kind of cheese. According to its consistency, it is liquid, and therefore, before eating this delicacy product for food, you should fry it a little. More than half of the island's territory is still in its original form, and a third of the island is in specially protected natural areas: Flinders Chase National Park, Parndana Wildlife Park National Park, The Cape Gantheaume, Cape Bouguer, Ravine des Casoars reserves.

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