Kazan Kremlin, Russia

Kazan Kremlin is a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kazan Kremlin is a great heritage of Russia

The Kazan Kremlin visually tells the story of not only the ancient Kazan Khanate, but also the conquest of these lands by the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible, who markedly expanded the country's borders to the East. Due to this, a new culture, architecture and religion was brought to Kazan land. At the same time, the old traditions of Kazan residents are also honored and the Kazan Kremlin is the personification of the mixing of cultures.

The Kul Sharif Mosque in Kazan is not just an exquisite architectural creation, but a whole symbol of the history of Tatarstan. And despite the fact that the building itself was built relatively recently, its magnificence emphasizes the attitude of the Tatars to Islam. Long since the inhabitants of the land of Kazan professed this religion, which became for them a source of education, a rich written tradition and culture. Residents of Tatarstan identify themselves with the ancestors of the Muslim civilization of the Middle Volga region, the heirs of the Bulgars, who settled in ancient times on the site of modern Kazan and the neighboring lands.

One of the most famous and main churches of Christianity is the Annunciation Cathedral. Initially, the church was wooden, it was laid under Ivan the Terrible, who conquered Kazan in 1552. It was from this Council that Christianity came to the land of Kazan. The stone temple became already 4 years after the conquest of the Bulgarian fortress - in 1556. And it was built by the same master, who built the famous St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow.

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Kazan Kremlin, Russia
The famous tower Suyumbike, like the Italian Tower of Pisa, stands with a slope, because of what sometimes it seems that it will soon fall. Nevertheless, it is worth it for several centuries.

In Kazan, there are several observation platforms, from which amazing panoramas of the thousand-year-old capital of Tatarstan open

You will see the ancient Kremlin, the historical center of Tsarist Russia and the modern architecture of the new Millennium. If you go to Kazan, then you should definitely visit the Kremlin. Kazan Kremlin Museums: Museum of the History of the Annunciation Cathedral, Museum of Islamic Culture, Museum of the Cannon Courtyard, Hermitage-Kazan and Exhibition Hall Manege, Museum of Natural History of Tatarstan.

Such a multinational city like Kazan is simply obliged to surprise with its cuisine. And he copes with it perfectly. Here tastes of different cuisines of the world mixed up: Tatar, Russian, European and others. Therefore, you can easily find places where you can taste Echpochmak, borscht or burger. But acquaintance with the capital of Tatarstan is better to start with national dishes. Tatar food is hearty and large portions. Here they choose lamb with beef, and for many people exotic meat is horse meat. They love the dough in various forms and dairy products.

The Republic of Tatarstan is the successor of the great Kazan Khanate, today it attracts with the gray towers of the Kremlin, mosques, churches and the richest museum heritage. The island town of Sviyazhsk is the prototype of Pushkin's Buyan Island, the thousand-year-old city of Yelabuga and Great Bulgaria, the charm of the Volga region's nature - all this should be seen with my own eyes in order to truly appreciate the kaleidoscope of the republic's cultures: the elegant interweaving of Tatar and Russian traditions, Orthodoxy and Islam.

Since the times of the USSR, Tatarstan and its capital have been popular sightseeing destinations. Geographically and historically, the region is located at the junction of eastern and western civilizations. The diversity of its cultural heritage attracts not only foreign tourists, but also Russians. Kazan is consistently among the top five popular Russian tourist routes. For example, in 2015, the city was visited by 2.1 million guests, and this is when the population of the city itself is 1.2 million people. The main areas of tourism are associated with historical and cultural sites, to a lesser extent with natural attractions. Sport tourism is popular (water sports, alpine skiing, cycling routes), and resort-sanatorium recreation is developing rapidly.

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