Koh Chang beach, Thailand vacations - woman lies on beach chair. Koh Chang resort

Waterfalls, sandy beaches, coral reefs, rainforests, excellent cafes, restaurants and famous Thai hospitality - this is what attracts tourists to Koh Chang island

Koh Chang Island is part of the Mu Koh Maritime National Park. This is one of the largest islands of Thailand

After Phuket Koh Chang is the second largest island of the kingdom. Lost in the Gulf of Thailand paradise island is not so far from the key Thai cities - Bangkok and Pattaya. The main occupation of tourists arriving here is a beach holiday. Welcome to Koh Chang - a small island in the middle of the boundless water surface, far from the hustle and bustle and problems. In the world of delicious food and the sweetest fruit. In the world of sincere smiles and beautiful sunsets. To a world where time stops.

On the island you can admire the magnificent sunsets, which create an interesting game of evening colors in the sky. White sandy beaches, clear sea, wildlife, jungles and mountains - this island truly has the right to wear the status of paradise island. Excellent beaches, white sand, comfortable climate and crystal clear sea - all this is Koh Chang island.

The weather conditions on the island of Koh Chang are more than favorable, so you can come here to rest almost at any time of the year. The climate here, as in other regions of Thailand, is tropical.

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Koh Chang beach, Thailand vacations - woman lies on beach chair. Koh Chang resort
Koh Chang Island can boast of its waterfalls, which - only eight of them - can be called its business cards. The most popular among tourists is Klong Plyu Falls, located in the east of the resort. At the same time, perhaps, Klong-Nueng has the most breathtaking view - you can enjoy its streams endlessly. To the west of the island is Klong Nonsi, and Hiri-Petch is a few kilometers from the village of Salak Patch. Special attention deserves a cascade of five waterfalls, it is called Congo. And finally, one more - Tanmayom, carrying its waters near the eponymous pier. Note to tourists: the waterfalls of Koh Chang belong to the National Park, so you have to pay for the visit.

The island of happiness and harmony: a trip to Koh Chang

The best beaches of the island are located on the western part of the island and from north to south are: Ao Klong Son, White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao), Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Lonely Beach. Here there is a feeling that there is more time in the day. During the month of life on the island, you can catch a lot - to visit all the waterfalls, go to the mountains, explore the sights, meet a lot of interesting people and get inspired by new ideas.

The main place in the archipelago of the marine national park of 52 islands, Koh Chang (Koh Chang) is the second largest island in Thailand (after the island of Phuket), stretching for 30 kilometers from north to south and having a width of 8 kilometers. The main feature of the island is a chain of long white sandy beaches and a wide mountain range in the central part, covered with jungle. The highest peak of this range is Khao Salak Pet, its height is 740 meters. Until recently, inhabited by just a few fishing families and sometimes visiting outdoor enthusiasts, Koh Chang in recent years has begun to develop massively.

A particularly strong leap in development was in 2001, when the government invested huge sums of money in financing a project to lay roads on the island and in the construction of several high-quality resorts. As a result, Koh Chang is now one of the most popular holiday destinations with corresponding prices, and in some places of the island construction work is still underway. Despite all this, the mountainous landscape of the island and the waterfalls are protected as part of a national park; there have been several attempts to force hotels to apply for building permits and grow plants that purify water. The island is surrounded by a very good ring road.

Thailand is a very stable country: now everything is exactly the same as it was four years ago, and something has even become cheaper. There are excellent roads, excellent transport system. Together with the bus ticket you will be given a pack of cookies and a bottle of water for the road - and there are a lot of such pleasant things.

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