Indonesia travel packages. Komodo National Park. Indonesia vacation

The most beautiful beaches in Indonesia

Indonesia has a unique geographical location

Indonesia connects Asia with Australia, and separates the two oceans - Pacific and Indian. This is the reason for the unique biological diversity. In no other country in the world do woody marsupial kangaroos and tigers live at the same time. No other water is infested with such a variety of fish. Add to this the volcanoes - because of them the soil here is so fertile that Indonesians collect three harvests a year, and the island of Java is the most densely populated place on the planet.

The Republic of Indonesia gives travelers a rosy impression of staying in the country, because there are no repetitive islands here, everywhere you will be met by completely different and amazing nature, the unique culture of local residents, historical and memorable places, as well as the rich world of flora and fauna. The beaches of Indonesia offer tourists and travelers white sandy sand, clear azure water off the coast, palm vegetation, as well as excellent conditions and a high level of service for an unforgettable vacation in an exotic country.

Komodo Island - this is where you can see the ancient reptile of the Komodo, Komodo dragon. Also there are many blissful sandy beaches, you can get acquainted with their beauty and relax. If you are tired of the beaches, plunge into the depths and see the bright, diverse marine life. Underwater life around Komodo Island is known as one of the most interesting for divers in the world.

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Indonesia travel packages. Komodo National Park. Indonesia vacation.

Indonesia is the country that occupies the largest archipelago in the world and consists of more than 17,000 separate small islands, some of which have never seen a man on its territory

Indonesia is a unique and diverse country located on thousands of islands in the ocean. Here you can lie on the beach, walk around the jungle the next day, and then explore volcanoes and each region of the country offers something unique. There are many wonderful and outstanding places in Indonesia, for single travelers or with friends and family. Many tourists travel to here to learn the basics of surfing or catch a wave.

It is also interesting for travelers to see the depths of the sea, look at the sunken ship, swim among schools of fish or with large predators. There are many centers in the country where all your wishes will come true. The best beaches for outdoor activities in Indonesia are: Legian - suitable for beginners. The waves here are small, but stable. Sorake - located on the island of Nias.

The right wave of the beach is considered the best on our planet. Mentawai - here you can ride the waves, and also see real shamans who perform ancient rituals for their tribes. Here are the world-famous spots. Their photos are printed in many magazines. Nusa Penida - is popular with divers who hunt for the sun fish (Opa). Karimunjava is a snow-white beach with unspoiled nature, surrounded by coral reefs, where turtles, sharks and other inhabitants of the abyss swim. Milestone Island - a popular place among divers, because here you can see the coral garden, whale sharks and manta rays.

Semarang Beach in Indonesia - suitable for both surfing and diving. In the mornings strong winds blow here, causing waves, and in the evening the sea calms down, and then people come to the coast to dive into the deep sea with scuba diving. Is it possible to call diving a sport? Probably not. But the fact that diving is good for the body is clear to everyone. And not only by swimming underwater as such, but also by its diversity, the ability to peek at the underwater world, to see what the ordinary human eye cannot see because of the water column.

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