Australia flights. Photo of Lady Elliot Island in Queensland, Australia from an airplane. Australia travel

From November to March, green, flat-backed and endangered, sea-footed turtles breed here. Best places to travel in the world.

If you are relaxing in Australia on the Gold Coast, you should not miss the unique opportunity to visit one of the coral islands of the world famous Great Barrier Reef

On the leeward side of the Great Barrier Reef, like multi-colored pearls, splendid islands scattered - over 700 in total. The southernmost of them is the picturesque coral island of Lady Eliot, which encloses an impressive group of islands of the Great Barrier Reef from the south. During an exciting journey to the reef island, you can do three unique photo shoots: fantastic aerial photography, pictures of island nature and the fabulous underwater world of the reef.

Lady Elliot Island deserves thousands of accolades. This is one of the parts of the Great Barrier Reef, located 85 kilometers from the town of Bundaberg. This territory is included in the so-called "green zone", delimited from the outside world in order to protect species diversity. Annually from November to March, females of green sea turtles are selected on warm beaches. They dig up shallow pits in the sand that will serve as natural incubators for eggs. After 8-12 weeks under the cover of night, the offspring gets out and, drawn by the ancient instincts, rushes into the arms of the ocean.

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Australia flights. Photo of Lady Elliot Island in Queensland, Australia from an airplane. Australia travel

This picturesque island among the ocean is a small (40 hectares) round reef platform aged 9500 years

A walk around the island will take only 45 minutes, but the memory of this ancient island will remain with you for a long time. While diving with a mask, you will see flocks of colorful reef fish and amazing coral gardens, and if you are lucky, swim with turtles and giant reef kites - manta rays. This mysterious reef has excellent visibility - up to 50 meters, and numerous diving locations.

From June to October, residents and guests of Australia can observe the migration of humpback whales. Extreme divers scuba diving along Lady Elliot Island often hear gigantic mammals underwater. Be sure to climb one of the oldest lighthouses, built in 1866 and reconstructed after the collapse in 1873. It rises only 15 meters, but gives an overview of about 30 nautical miles up to the horizon.

Lady Elliot Island is the first coral reef of the Great Barrier Reef, located at its southern tip. This is an ideal place for lovers of diving and snorkeling, because here you will find the richest marine ecosystem in the world! The island has its own airstrip. Regular flights to Lady Elliot are from Hervey Bay (40 minutes in flight) and Bundaberg (30 minutes). You can also take a charter flight from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Located on the island, the Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort 3 * hotel offers complete privacy with nature and accommodation in safari-style rooms.

Lady Elliot Island is the island of the Capricorn group in Australia. The beach is not bad, but not too comfortable due to coral debris. But snorkeling at the coast is very good. By the way, unlike the warmer tropical islands, corals do not die here due to global warming. There are also many turtles and birds everywhere, and whales can often be found in the sea. Coast and bottom: sand, stones.

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