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A relaxing holiday on lakes in Russia. There are many such places in Russia.

Summer tours to Baikal are an excellent choice for family holidays

There are 26 islands on Lake Baikal, of which Olkhon is the largest. Olkhon is called the heart of Baikal. Its length is 71.7 km, the greatest width is 15 km. The population of the island does not exceed 1,500 people, most of whom live in the only large village on the island - the village. Khuzhir For wildlife lovers and photographers - a real reserve of surprisingly diverse landscapes and majestic landscapes. The island is rich in archaeological monuments: tombs, ancient settlements, remains of stone walls. Olkhon has a special climate: summer is hotter than the coast of Baikal, and winter is colder; Much less than in the Baikal region, precipitation falls. The warmest months on Olkhon are July and August. From May to December, the island is connected to the mainland by ferry. In winter, cars go on the ice. Olkhon has no mosquitoes and midges. Almost all summer is warm, sunny weather, the water in the bays is warming, which attracts many tourists. The most favorable time to visit Olkhon is in the summer period from mid-June to the end of September. Also, Baikal is magnificent under the ice shell in the winter. The island is a geographical, historical and sacred center of the lake - a concentration of ancient legends and historical legends.

During your vacation, you can also visit the Lake Baikal Museum. The main task of the museum is to collect and popularize information about the unique Lake Baikal. During the tour you can see several expositions. It is here that they will tell about the only mammal of the lake - the Baikal seal (seal). In huge aquariums are presented amazing Baikal fish and seals. Each tourist has his own Baikal. Some pulls on the shaman Olkhon, others dream of lying on a sandy beach and eat omul. And the third - to visit the rookery of the seals, ride the Circum-Baikal Railway or go skiing. You can plan a vacation on Lake Baikal to see the lake-sea from various sides.

In the mountains of the Southern Baikal region, on the Khamar-Daban ridge there is the Mamai mountain - a cult place for Baikal free riders. Mamai is the mountain itself and three tributaries (Big, Small and Left) flowing down from it, and Mamai Bay on Lake Baikal. In summer, the surroundings of Mamaia are very picturesque: the alpine alpine meadows of Khamar-Daban, sparkling waterfalls, crystal streams and lakes leave an unforgettable impression. But it is in the winter that Mamai, like a magnet, attracts lovers of snow extreme.

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Lake Baikal, Russia
Locals have no doubt that Lake Baikal is a living creature. Going to the beach, they always greet him. 700-year-old larches and 600-year-old cedars grow on the shores of Baikal. The weather on Lake Baikal is very unpredictable, in the morning it can pour heavy rain and strong winds blow, and in a couple of hours the hot sun will come out, which will strip you to swim bathing.

Every year the demand for holidays on Baikal grows, and tourists start to book the best places for summer in winter and spring

The Ushkany Islands are located in the middle part of Baikal, 7 km west of the Svyatoy Nos peninsula and represent the tops of the Akademichesky Ridge rising above the water surface. Ushkan islands have been granted the status of a natural monument. The total area of the islands is 10 square kilometers. The archipelago consists of 4 islands: Big, Thin, Round and Long. Visiting Ushkany Islands is possible only with the permission of the park administration. The islands have also become famous for the fact that it is here that Baikal seals make up their rookeries.

The Circum-Baikal Railway is a unique monument of technical thought and building architecture in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century, which includes historical monuments, engineering, engineering, nature and completely unique landscapes. Over 84 km from the port of Baikal to the station Kultuk there are more than 500 engineering structures of varying complexity: numerous tunnels, viaducts, powerful retaining walls, wooden buildings in the Art Nouveau style of the early 20th century. You can travel by rail on the sightseeing electric train of enhanced comfort (Circum-Baikal Express) with stops and inspection of the main attractions. But the most popular among tourists is a water excursion along the Circum-Baikal Railway.

Lake Baikal is so magnificent that it is often called the Siberian Sea. He was and remains a symbol of the beauty of nature, its purity. Lake Baikal is an attraction not only in Russia, but in the whole world. Here lives the only one in the whole world - the beautiful Baikal seal. Baikal is inhabited by about 2600 species of aquatic animals, more than half of which are endemic, that is, they live only in this body of water. Baikal itself is unique and very special. The diversity of flora and fauna attracts the attention of scientists and numerous tourists. In 1996, Baikal was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Baikal is like a work of art: the more time passes, the greater its price. Come to live on the shores of the Baikal bay. The water in Baikal is so clear that stones are visible at a 40-meter depth. Tea brewed in this water is magical. Now imagine that every morning you wake up and go straight from the doorstep to bathe in the lake, walking barefoot on the soft sand. Say hello to the great Siberian sea, coming to its shore. Maybe Baikal will answer you. And if Baikal answers - and you will understand this due to the weather, the unexpected wind, the sun peeking out, your inner feelings - that means he accepted you. So he will help you. For whatever purpose you come - rest, health improvement, hiking, fishing, visiting Buddhist shrines - you will be lucky everywhere. The rest will be unforgettable, the sun - warm, the water - affectionate, and the people around - pleasant.

Global warming will leave more than a billion people without water. How to save stocks? Future wars may be caused by disputes not for gold or oil, but for the most accessible resource for people now - water. Man is more than half composed of water; the first mammals came out of the water, the first life was born in water; without water a person will not live even a couple of days. Therefore, if he is taken away from him access to fresh water, humanity will be in jeopardy. Climate change will have a major impact on global water resources. More than a billion people are already living in countries with insufficient water, and population growth in these regions will only further aggravate the situation. If you don't start saving water right now, the consequences can be disastrous. Not for us, but the day of our descendants. And although in Russia the water shortage will not be too noticeable at first, in the future a chain reaction will affect all countries.

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