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One of the most beautiful regions of Germany, Bavaria is so similar to the animated illustration of a fairy tale

Linderhof Castle for many centuries is considered the heart and soul of Bavaria. Linderhof Palace is also called the "Royal Villa". Like Neuschwanstein Castle, the Linderhof Palace is the fruit of the construction work of the Bavarian King Ludwig II. Magic castles, beautiful lakes and legendary forests covered with legends are not all that awaits you in fabulous Bavaria.

If you spend your holidays in Munich, then you can easily get to the Linderhof Palace by yourself. The 10 excursion rooms are magnificent in their furnishings - beautiful tapestries on the walls, paintings, sculptures, mirrors, chandeliers, furniture, fireplaces, gilding, porcelain - everything is so luxurious that it is hard to believe how it was possible to live here.

Do you know which country in the world is unofficially called the country of castles? Among the most avid tourists and the rest of the world community, there is an opinion that this title rightfully belongs to Germany. And it is completely predictable! Indeed, in this state there are about 25,000 castles - this is more than in any other country of the globe. Unfortunately, many of them, to date, under the strong influence of natural factors and time, are almost not preserved in their original form, but most are in excellent condition and are accessible to everyone.

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Germany travel. Linderhof Palace, Bavaria. Germany tours
What can be interesting German castles ordinary, foreign tourists? Some attract good location and scenic views, while others have an exciting history. The castles of Germany, for the most part, were erected by famous kings, knights, dukes and other representatives of noble families of the Middle Ages. Visiting them, you not only plunge into the events of that time, but also personally feel the greatness of these buildings and the importance of their authors.

Located in a valley among the Alpine mountains, the Linderhof Palace delights the eye with its artsy facade decor

There are many interesting things near the castle, so you can walk around the area, especially in the warmer months. If you are going to spend a few days in Bavaria and plan to look at other Bavarian castles and palaces, then you should buy an annual or 14-day subscription to the Bavarian castles and palaces. A special attraction of Linderhof Park is the grotto of Venus. There are many flower beds, flower beds, fountains and sculptures around.

Vacation ideas for solo travelers in Autumn. The best artists from all over Europe were invited to decorate the interior of the palace. Linderhof is much smaller in size than Neuschwanstein, but the same luxurious and refined and the only one of the fabulous palaces of Ludwig, completed during his lifetime. The gardens surrounding the Linderhof Castle are considered to be among the most beautiful creations in the history of landscape design - a multitude of sculptures, fountains, flower beds, avenues, the paths along which you want to take a walk.

The rich history of Germany is reflected in the many preserved monuments of the past. German palaces, performing a variety of functions - a popular tourist destination. They are not only architectural masterpieces, but also the receptacle of many artifacts, values, unique decoration in general. Most of these complexes or individual buildings are included in excursion tours. However, they can be viewed in private.

Some palaces are less popular with tourists, so adventure lovers get to know them on their own, or in company with a hired guide. The appearance of the former residences of the holders of power and nobility is closely monitored, so that almost all of them are restored and ready to receive guests. Palaces, gardens and castles of Germany - a possible route of visit for tourists: Berlin - Potsdam - Palace Babelsberg - Hanover - Bad Pyrmont - Baths - Kassel - Wilhelmshohe - Alsfeld - Augustusburg - Falkenlust - Koblenz - Rhein Valley - Wiesbaden - Heidelberg - Schwetzingen - Ludwigsburg (palace) - Weikersheim - Wurzburg - Veitshochheim park - Dessau-Worlitz.

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