Maldives Resort. This is where the paradise begins

Vacation on the most beautiful islands of the world. Travel to the Maldives.

Coming to the Maldives, you immediately want to forget about everything: about the Internet, computer, mobile phone

The islands have been created over thousands of years by corals - almost on each of them there are magnificent lagoons with sandy beaches, surrounded by lush vegetation typical of the tropics. You can enjoy the different wonders of the sea or feel all the delights of paradise, traveling through the wonderful, idyllic islands.

A unique feature of the Maldives is that each of the islands is, in fact, a separate resort. Famous for the whole world White Beach of Huwahendu Island. The sand here is really snow white, and the water in the lagoon is bright turquoise. The beach area is framed by lush tropical vegetation, creating the feeling of being in paradise. Here is a magnificent spa hotel, where residents are served by the highest class.

The most popular among admirers of diving is the island of Vakarufalhi, which is included in the Ari Atoll. The purest water of the azure lagoon allows you to make fascinating underwater travels and admire the flocks of bright fish scurrying among the corals. Here is one of the best water sports centers in the Maldives. The island of Grand Center looks no less attractive in this sense. The underwater world is surprisingly rich here. Both experienced and novice scuba diving enthusiasts, accompanied by an experienced instructor, can then make an unforgettable excursion to the ship flooded off the coast.

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Maldives Resort

Here you do not need any civilization, here you just want to enjoy life, endless ocean expanses, stunning beaches, vibrant exotic nature and relax

Travelers often choose the Maldives as a world-class resort for scuba diving: with crystal clear water and a huge abundance of diverse underwater ocean dwellers. Diving centers provide training and immersion services for tourists with different levels of training. Having scuba diving you will see many marine animals and fish. In addition to various exotic fish, large sea turtles attract attention, manti are the largest sea stingrays, which can grow up to seven meters in length.

The resort on Mirihi Island can be considered, perhaps, one of the most affordable for tourists at a price. The dazzling white sand of local beaches contrasts with the rich green of tropical vegetation. The island is surrounded by a coral reef, providing unique opportunities for diving. All the necessary equipment for underwater walks is easy to rent in a specialized center.

The national cuisine of the Maldives was influenced by the Arab and Indian culinary traditions, adjusted for the island's state location. Consequently, rice is dominant among the side dishes, and as a main dish, various seafood products are usually prepared. All this is complemented by a variety of spices and sauces, many of them are prepared on the basis of coconut milk. Any gourmet will satisfy the original taste of the "May Huni" dish, prepared from smoked tuna with lemon and coconut, seasoned with chili pepper and onion. Popular among tourists enjoy pastry stuffed with tuna, spices and onions, called baji. Local bread "roshi" baked from rice flour.

Magical Maldives are located in the equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean atolls scattering. Hotels in the Maldives are crystal clear azure water, white sand and complete harmony with nature. Hotels in the Maldives take annually both researchers and lovers of the unearthly beauty of coral reefs. The Maldives is a great place for those who appreciate a relaxing holiday outside the bustling metropolis, and for those who love extreme sports, because there is a whole variety of sea adventures. Surfers will find the good waves here. For divers under the water opens the fantastic world of colorful fish, huge stingrays and slow turtles. Both uninhabited islands and luxury island hotels in the Maldives are happy and eagerly awaiting tourists.

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