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Cathedral of Saint Mary Major

Marseille, as well as most of modern France, is famous for its picturesque architectural ensembles

They annually attract many tourists from all over the world. Sights of Marseille are distinguished by their colorful and unique symbiosis of several styles and time periods. One of these masterpieces of architecture is Marseille Cathedral.

Marseille Cathedral is one of the most famous sights of France. In the 5th century, an early Christian church was located here. In the 12th century, a temple was built on the site of the modern Cathedral, later called the "old cathedral". The plan of this building was a cross, and it was made in the style of Romanesque architecture. In 1852 it was decided to demolish the old cathedral and build a new one. Thanks to the active protection of the religious structure, it continued to exist until the mid-20th century as a parish church. The new cathedral was built during 41 years and was consecrated in 1897. During the construction of the cathedral worked well-known architects: Leon Vodouye, Henri-Jacques Esperandio, Henri-Antoine Revoile.

The Cathedral of Saint-Marie-Major stands on the esplanade at the Old Port. According to the architects, the cathedral was to become the largest church building in the history of France. The luxurious cathedral is popularly called "pajamas" for its striking, striped facade. Different materials were used to erect the outer walls of the temple: green stone from Florence, Carrara white marble, Tunisian onyx, limestone from Gar.

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France tours. Marseille Cathedral. France travel
The construction was started by eminent architect Leon Vauduier, after his death, Henri-Jacques Esperandier continued his work. In 1874, Esperande died. Henri-Antoine Revual completed construction and interior decoration of the cathedral by 1893. A long period of construction left a mark on the architecture of the cathedral - it combined the features of the Romanesque-Byzantine and neo-Gothic style. The brightness of the facade was borrowed from the Byzantine temples; The exquisite appearance of domes and balustrades is taken from the luxurious churches of the Italian Siena. The cathedral consists of twin towers located above the powerful entrance portal and a huge rectangular nave with chapels.

Marseille is known for its sights and unforgettable places

The interior of Sainte-Marie Major is a merit of the architect Revoile. According to Byzantine tradition, the walls and arches are lined with marble and porphyry, decorated with magnificent Venetian mosaics. The interior uses an alternation of rich red with golden shades of ocher. The light in the high window penetrates through multicolored stained glass windows. Over the sculptural decoration of the interior worked Auguste Carly and Louis Botinelli. The main altar was decorated with mosaic by Henri-Antoine Revual himself.

The city of Marseille rises from the Gulf of Lyon steps along the coastal hills. Like the fairy-tale palace, Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde towers above it, the magnificent basilica is the "keeper of the city." The traveler should start sightseeing in Marseille with a walk along the main street. The main street of Marseille, La Kaneber, leads to the old port, and where there is a port, life is full of business, culture, trade, crime, tourism. Marseille is proud of the main street, considering it the local Champs Elysees. To feel the flavor of the city, a tourist just needs to walk along La Canebiere. Slightly turn off the main street, you find yourself in a maze of narrow streets, and it is not clear where you are. Is it still France or are you at a market in Tunisia, Algeria or Morocco?

An alternative option for self-wandering around the city is a trip to the sights of Marseille on the ColorBus Marseille double-decker bus. The first stop is located on the embankment near the city hall, a bright double-decker bus with tourists immediately attracts attention. City Pass card will help save time and money. Tourists with a map boarding the bus is free.

If a tourist has only one day in stock, then a walk around Marseille should start with a visit to the Tourist Office. Here guests are met by friendly managers, tourists are always welcome. Racks provide information in several languages. Stock up on maps, guidebooks, buy souvenirs. It does not matter if you do not know French, spoken English will come in handy. In addition to the travel card, you will be given a free map of the city, you can learn about all the events and events, arrange with the guide and book a tour. To facilitate the difficult life of a tourist, the city issues a special plastic card, Marseille City Pass. By purchasing a card, you get a lot of advantages, save money and time.

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