Mauritius Island. Mauritius resorts. Places to see abroad before you die

Excellent Mauritian hotels are located along the coast. Incredible scenery.

The east coast, where the winds blow, is ideal for surfers and kiters, and the best place for kitesurfing is called Le Morne in the southern part of the island

The most vivid impressions from the island of your dreams. The island of Mauritius was created long before God created heaven. Here, newlyweds like to have a rest, as well as experienced spouses, celebrating a round or not very wedding anniversary in Mauritius. Mauritius is also famous for deep-sea fishing. Blue marlin, although it is the most desirable trophy of any fisherman, is not often caught. The marlin fishing season is from November to May, in the same period you can catch a gray-blue shark.

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, geographically refers to Africa, located in the southern hemisphere, near Madagascar. In Mauritius, absolutely everything is provided for the pleasure of tourists: magnificent beaches, magical lagoons, lush vegetation, and majestic mountain ranges await you. The authorities of the country seek to avoid mass pilgrimage of tourists, thereby maintaining the elite level of the resort. This is due to concern for the ecology of the island, where relict forests and endemic plants have been preserved.

On the coast of Mauritius, a tourist is accompanied everywhere by the sound of waves, which first break on a coral reef, and then more calm, as if "let off steam", reach the coast. They take to the sand algae, sea urchins and colorful fragments of coral, which under the influence of the sun very quickly turn into mysterious figures. Sea fishing in Mauritius is divided into coastal and deep-sea. Immediately off the coast there are a huge number of diverse representatives of tropical ichthyofauna, starting with exotic aquarium stuff with equally exotic names and ending with quark, barracuda, dorado, tuna. Less commonly, the fastest fish in the ocean is the sailboat.

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Mauritius Island. Mauritius resorts
If you get tired of a beach holiday, you can walk around the botanical garden of Pamplemus and see giant water lilies Victoria, lotuses and over 200 species of palm trees, local deer and big turtles. White wrought-iron gates, palm trees and blooming lotuses. And giant water lilies, next to which you feel like Thumbelina, so they have huge leaves. If you arrive in the afternoon, there will be very few visitors in the garden - and all this tropical natural splendor will belong only to you. In the same place, in a botanical garden, it is possible to see the turtles delivered from Madagascar and Seychelles.

The country is replete with treasures of nature and architectural monuments

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean. No industry. All beaches on the island are sandy, maintained in perfect condition: every day they are cleaned of debris, fragments of corals and algae. For guaranteed safety of the feet in Mauritius, as in any country with corals, it is recommended to enter the water in beach slippers. Do not forget about sunglasses and hats.

The enchanting charms of India are combined here with the transparent blue of the lagoons, the abundance of Creole markets with their intoxicating scents - with an amazing variety of underwater fauna, mysterious forests with rare plants - with a chic of hotels. The cost of fishing in Mauritius is generally not high, unlike other islands in the Indian Ocean. Price, as elsewhere, depends on the class and size of the boat. The cost of deep-sea fishing, as a rule, includes all the necessary equipment for fishing, crew services and soft drinks.

Visit the Bois Cheri Tea Factory or the Chamarel rum factory and go for a tasting. If you choose a tasting of rum, you can safely explore the entire range - there is a hotel near the factory where you can spend the night and refresh your head before a further trip. On the island of Mauritius, you can go on a mini-fishing and ocean fishing. Mini-fishing - this is when the boat does not go far from the reef surrounding the island, and you catch small fish. The boat is designed for five fishermen (we do not take into account the crew) and costs about 3000 rupees per hour. The price also depends on the size and class of the boat.

But ocean fishing, for those who understand a lot about this business, is much more interesting. You will go far enough away from the reef and will hunt fish in the open ocean. If you're lucky, you can see a whale or dolphin. The boat is equipped with everything necessary for catching large fish and is designed for seven fishermen. The team will always help you with advice. Particularly large fish can sometimes get 3 hours or more. You will be expected: tuna, marlin, dorada and many others..

This small island has sheltered many culinary traditions - from Indian and Chinese to French and British, which, mixing, gave rise to dozens of culinary masterpieces. Both Chinese fried noodles and vanilla tea brewed in the European manner can equally be considered a national dish here. Be sure to try the local seasoned curry, palm tree salad, flavored rice with freshly caught fish and all sorts of cakes, savoring the meal with a portion of strong rum or tender lassi.

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